Sunday, April 28, 2019

Archi-scraps - In-between dress sizes

This month at Archi-scraps the chalenge is to SQUEEZE something in-between.

You can find the challenge HERE

 At Archiscraps during April we are asking you to SQUEEZE SOMETHING IN BETWEEN.

Here is my Interpretation of the challenge...

In-between Dress sizes

Here I am in-between two dresses!!
I paper folded the dresses origami style, then jazzed them up by adding a belt and a button. I found two 'Barbie' coathangers to use...perfect!

Here is a close up....

The Journaling says..... 
Don't you hate it when you're in-between dress sizes!!
You try to SQUEEZE into one size (using your straight back, suck your tummy in super power!!) OR the next size up hangs loosely off you like a floppy summer shift that makes me look like a frumpy sweatshirt mum!!


Thanks for a great and fun challenge Julene and Archiscrap design team ladies!

Shazza xx

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Artastic - All Dressed UP!

The August challenge at ARTastic this month is to use this pic for inspiration. 
You can find the challenge HERE

 August inspiration is by Marie Jonsson-Harrison with "Balloon-Wedding"

 CRITERIA - Feature things that fly either in the photos or as embellishments

Here is my take on the challenge....
'All Dressed UP'!

I added the large hot air balloon, a plane and a paper clip hot air balloon.

Here is a close up

Thanks for a great challenge....
Jane and the ARTastic Design Team

Shazza xx

Monday, August 13, 2018

Archi-scraps - Read

Here is my page for the latest challenge at Archi-scraps. 
You can find the challenge HERE

 Here is the Mood board.
The building in the picture is in Dubai.

Your challenge is to use ONLY THE COLOURS IN THIS MOOD BOARD.
(with neutrals such as black, white or Kraft)

My page has the distressed background rectangles which reflect the front of the resort buildings and the rectangle outside areas.
Just love these colours....I think they are a close match!

A page I did a while ago but have never entered it in a challenge, just waiting for the right chance!
Today was the day! :)


...and a close up!

 Here is my pregnant daughter reading a book on motherhood!

Thanks Julene and Design Team ladies for such a perfect challenge for my page!

Shazza x

A champagne kinda Christmas

I just LOVE Christmas!!

So happy I came across this challenge and its NEW!!

 'Merry Little Christmas Challenge Blog' 
you can find the challemge HERE

And the first challenge is.....

Anything goes

Here is something christmassy that I can add from our family Christmas last December

A champagne kinda Christmas

 Love celebrating with family


Thanks for a great first challenge, I hope to keep up each month!


Shazza xx

Monday, May 28, 2018

ARTastic - Swinging Time

This month at ARTastic challenge blog, the inspired painting is by Cathy
McClelland called tap Dancer.

 and the criteria is to use FLOWERS

Here is my take on the challenge called 'Swinging Time'

with lots of added little flowers and flower buds. 
I even added my own 'tap dancer'

Here are two close ups!


Thanks Jane and the Artastic Design team for your wonderful inspiration this month,
I'm very pleased with my end result!

Shazza xx

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Archi-scraps - Awesome Foursome

The challenge this month at Archi-scraps is Chevrons and the colour Blue

Castello di Sammezzano
This castle looks sedate on the outside but on the inside? It’s an explosion of color and texture. The 16th century masterpiece of architecture and design sat abandoned in Tuscany, Italy, for decades.


Here is my interpretation of the challenge..

Awesome Foursome

and a close up

I added blue chevron felt behind the blue picture frames.

Thankyou for such a great challenge this month
Julene and all the Design Team gals!

Shazza xx

Monday, February 26, 2018

Artastic - Soul Girls

The February inspiration at 'Artastic Challenge Blog' is something a little different - this lovely ceramic piece by Jill Foster called Fringe Faces

The criteria is GIRLS only

 Here is my take on the challenge called....
'Soul Girls just wanna have FUN'


 Little girls always seem to have so much fun when they are together, 
so I thought adding our adult heads to little girls bodies would look awesome.

I really love how this turned out, I'm sure we would all be great friends if we ever got together as a group.

I love how Mary has put her arms around Lori and my

Soul girls are...Libby, Kaz, Cheryl, Lori, Mary and me (Shazza)

Thanks for a great challenge Jane and her Artastic team.

Shazza xx

Friday, January 19, 2018

Archi-scraps - Always Be Yourself

Hi Ladies!

The start of a new year and that means the start of new challenges!

Over at Arci-scraps the challenge this month is to 'Let your hair down', and use tassels.

This is my take on the challenge....

'Always Be Yourself'

and a close up!!

Some good advice for my daughter Jenna.

Thanks Julene and Design team girls for the inspiration!!



Thursday, January 18, 2018

ARTastic - Mystery Island Vanuatu

This month at ARTastic the inspirational photo comes from Arthur Streeton called 'Beach Scene' and the criteria is to use a vacation photo.

Here is my take on the challenge called
'Mystery Island Vanuatu'

This is a vacation photo from my scrapcruise in April 2017
Had such a fun day on Mystery Island with my friends and adopted family (the Berrymans)!! 

Thanks for the challenge Jane and ARTastic DT's


Sunday, February 26, 2017

ARTastic - Carousel Kiddie

Hi Ladies!

This month at Artastic the inspirational photo is by 
Karen Pierce called 'Carousel Delight'

 The CRITERIA - Butterflies

Here is my take on the challenge....

'Carousel Kiddie'

and a few close up!!

My Grandaughter 'Skyla' riding her flying pony :)

Thanks for the challenge Jane and Artastic DT's


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Archi-scraps - PAINT

Hi Ladies!

Put some colour in your life!!
here's your chance to use all those odd colours you might have in your stash.
Our challenge is to USE LOTS OF COLOURS

Here is my interpretation of the challenge...

I used lots of color, chalkboard paints, neon paints and glitter to make this gorgeous background.
I then added a paint quote, a photo of used paint brushes and a little yellow house to tie in with the inspirational photo.

 Lots of splatters and was fun bringing the background to life!

Thanks for a great challenge Julene and DT girls..... it was fun getting messy this month!

Shazza x


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Archi-scraps - BFF

Hi Ladies!

The new year brings new challenges and Januarys challenge at Archiscraps is to use lace!

Here is the inspirational pic.

This is a ceiling at the Alhambra in Spain. Don't you love that lacy pattern?

Here is my page called 'BFF'

I added blue edged lace to the bottom of my pic and the bottom of the title, as a border. This is my daughter 'Jenna' and her new bubba 'Skyla,'
it would be lovely if they were 'Best Friends Forever'

My page is from a class I did with Cindy Porter at 'A Scrappy Tiger' retreat. I just love the bright blues against the orange pp.

Here is a close up!

Thanks Julene and Archiscrap girls to get me motivated to finish off this page!


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

ARTastic - Explore Melbourne

Hi Ladies!

Welcome to the start of a wonderful scrappy year! Hopefully one of many scrappy challenges throughout 2017!

I thought I would start my scrappy 2017 challenges and join in over at ARTastic this month. 

Their first inspiration for 2017 is this fantastic painting by Ken Done called Sydney Night.

CRITERIA is a CITY theme

Here is my interpretation of the Ken Done pic and criteria.......

Explore Melbourne

I took my inspiration from the city night scape and a few of the Sydney icons.
I made my own city scape and then added popular Melbourne site seeing places.

 ...and a few close ups!


 Thanks for the great challenge Jane and the ARTastic Design Team girls,
I really enjoyed putting this page together!



Monday, November 7, 2016

Archi-scraps - Mighty Monolith

Hi Ladies!

Over at Archi-scraps this month the challenge is to scrap something at an angle!

Here is the inspirational picture for this month. 
It was taken in Dubai.

Here is my take on the challenge

Mighty Monolith

and a close up!

My two boys (Adam and Jarred), travelled to 
Bada Valley, Sulawesi in Indonesia
in Feb 2016

They came across many monoliths on their travels and this is just one of them...on a bit of a slant.

Thanks for the challenge
Julene and DT girls!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Archi-scraps - The Girls

Hi Ladies!

Over at Archi-scraps this month the criteria is butteflies. You can get to the challenge site here.

Here is my interpretation of the challenge, 
using stamped butterflies and some butterfly embellishments.

.....and a close up!

With my scrappy buddies, Sam, Tanya and Tracey at Scrapalong retreat in March.

Thanks for a lovely challenge Julene and DT girls!