Friday, September 30, 2011

'Embellish Me' Kit Club

Hi Ladies!
Here is some important information you will not want to miss out on!
Do you find yourself admiring the embellishments you see on online layouts 
and wonder how they find the time, creativity and money to produce them?

Does your budget not allow you to buy all the mediums and products you want? 

Are you a bit afraid to spend so much on a product you may not use again?

Or maybe time just doesn't allow you to create as often as you would like?

Did my2angels recent blog posts leave you wanting to make some of the glimmer misted
soaked chipboard; or the butterflies with resin flowers or maybe the diamond dust coated alphas were more your style ... whatever your favourites, 

Then let me introduce you too ....
My2ngels have put together a monthly embellishment kit for you that will wet your appetite for new products and perhaps encourage you to try something a little different.

Each month we will send you my2angels embellishments and handmade creations, in which I can guarantee there will be a touch of Tim, a dash of charm and some altered chipboard to add to your creations.

Here is what you will receive in your August Kit


This kit is about saving you from the expense of purchasing a myriad of expensive embellishment mediums, yet still allowing you to enjoy handmade embellishments using these mediums.

It’s about allowing you to ‘sample’ some of the top Brand name-embellishments – without the expense of purchasing large multi-item packs. This way, you can play with a little of everything, rather than a lot of one thing.

In fact, in some ways, this embellishment subscription kit could be called a sampler pack – allowing you to view used results with the products for a fraction of their cost - and decide if you would like to then purchase in larger quantities 

For only $55 per quarter - paid in advance (this includes postage) - you will receive 3 kits (that’s 1 per month) sent on the 20th of each month.

That’s amazing value – all that yumminess and creativity -for less than $19 a month (average kit RRP $30.00)

No two handmade embellishments will be identical, thus giving you the ultimately unique embellishment kit. 

To see more info and View some sample pages using some 'Embellish Me' product.
Please go here to My2angels blog.
Ladies you will not be disappointed :)

P.S I just asked Tracy to put my name down for the November, December and January 'Embellish Me' kits so I dont miss out :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Penguin Parade

Here is my entry for Tabitha's Misting challenge at Soul Scrappers. Tabitha challenged us to make our own mists. 
Here is what she had to say.....For this month’s challenge I would like you to create your own mist. I have seen many “recipes” on the internet for making a mist, I am also posting a mix I made that gives a metallic shine, or  you may alter a current mist you have.  Feel free to share your tips and recipes with us in this thread!

I bought a bottle of alcohol, an empty toiletry bottle (I bought a squeeze top to easily refill spray bottle), and a bottle of metallic acrylic paint. 
I used 1/4 part paint to 3/4 parts alcohol for whatever container you use. It does not have to be an exact measurement.
(Any type of alcohol will work)
(this ratio has not clogged any of my nozzles)
Shake well before spraying!
For color I use all different things, I use alcohol ink, food coloring, re-inkers and just about anything containing color. I have gotten some very cool colors and fades trying different things. Wilton food coloring gives some very vibrant colors! In the photo below I poured alcohol through a blue marker filter and got a very pretty color that produced different shades when I sprayed it.
Total Cost Was $3.29 and I have made over 40 colors in mini mister bottles, with lots left over!

Penguin Parade 

ok...I'm not very good at this misting technique....cant you tell!!! lol 
I think with a lot more practise I will get it!!

I made my own mist by using 'Diggers' isopropyl alcohol. jo sonya's silver paint and a few drops of black smooch spritz.

This is the second time I have used mists , I wanted to mist a doley. I then cut up the doley and made a banner ...every parade needs a banner and also used a few pieces behind the penguin photo, I also misted the snow flakes.

Here is a close up...
Thanks Tabitha for this super challenge!!



Hi Ladies!

Here is my entry for the FNC (Friday Night Challenge) at Scraphappy Kats. Th FNC this week was a Recipie. Now I'm not a big fan of Recipie challenges...but I thought Why not...give it a go, so I'm very pleased how my page turned out.

For the base you will need 1 piece of card stock
Ingredients for your LO
Patterned Paper
1 or more photos
Frame (optional)
Cut 1 circle and 1 rectangle out of the patterned paper
place on cardstock in a way that pleases you
add 1 or more photos and your frame if you choose to add one
add lace and ribbon
Garnish with flowers, buttons, tittle and if you want journaling
add bling or pearls to taste
...and a close up!!

For this project I used the latest Chipboard flowers (Marilyn Blooms) from the my2angels September Embellishment Kit Club.The chipboard flowers have been soaked in Glimmer Mist with various centre pieces added. The Centres range from glass Cabochons, metal Flowers, pearls stickers etc.......


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Smile for the Camera

Hi All!!!!!

Here is my entry for Janes 'Orange' challenge at Soul Scrappers.....

Here is What Jane had to say....

Did you know that Orange is a power colour? It is one of the healing colours. It is said to increase the craving for food. It also stimulates enthusiasm and creativity. Orange means vitality with endurance. People who like orange are usually thoughtful and sincere. Lady luck's colour is orange.

While red is associated with fiery heat, orange is associated with the benign warmth of the sun. A dynamic colour to be sure, orange offers a more thoughtful control than explosive red. Curiosity is a driving characteristic of orange, and with it comes exploration of new things.
Put some orange in your life when you want:
  • to spice things up when you feel time is dragging
  • to become more involved in something
  • to increase creativity
  • relief from things becoming too serious
I'd love for you to have a look through this wonderful collection of orange.  There's big, there's little, there's wide and there's long .... find something that inspires you, something that reaches out and grabs at you and base your layout on it.  It could be a look, it could be a texture, perhaps a pattern ... maybe even a scene.

This is the pic I used for my inspiration from the 'Orange' Pinterest Board.

and here is my page....

Smile for the Camera

This is my niece Megan at a photo shoot a few years ago!
and a close up!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Enjoy the Journey

 Hi Ladies!

Here is my entry for  Kims 'challenge' to earn your 'Outdoor Critter badge' at Camp Dixie Pieces'. Here is what Kim had to say......Okay --- here is your last challenge for the month --- at camp you are always having to deal with critters of one type or another. SO, for this challenge create a layout that has an animal on it somewhere --- can be in the pictures or in the products!

Enjoy the Journey

 Journaling says.....This is Adam in Ecudor, near the ‘Tena’ Rain forest. His guide dug a giant female Tarantula out of a hole! The female Tarantula was very angry, the guide tapped her on her back and she calmed down…..thinking it was a male trying to mount her. The guide then put her on Adams face and told Adam only the bravest of the brave would allow a giant female Tarantula to walk all over their face. Adam knew he was miles away from medical assistance if her got bitten. How brave is Adam? Could you do this?.....Not me, I’m not a fan of giant female Tarantulas!!

I also used the latest scrapware flourish cloud from the my2angels September embellishment kit. The cloud was painted with Pearl Paint Dabbers and outlined with White Opal Liquid Pearls then Yellow Bakers Twine was used to hold the 'Made with a Smile SUN charm'.
Here is a close up of the giant female Tarantula.....

I would like to thank Melissa Pablo (isay) for her inspiration for this layout, 
Her take on the Pencil Lines sketch, so inspired me :)


Rio - Undies Dash for Cash

Here is Jennas take on the inspirational movie poster at FS2S this month.

You had to take your inspiration from the movie poster 'RIO'
For an extra 6 bonus points :)

1) One word title = 1 pt
2) Use Blue, Yellow and Red Cardstock = 2 pts
3) Add a Bird = 3 pts
 Jenna doesnt have a blog so I'm uploading here :) 

1) One word title = RIO (subtitle - undies dash for cash)
2) Use Blue, Yellow and Red Cardstock = yes
3) Add a Bird = blue seagull
This is what the journaling says....... How far are you willing to go to win $20,000?

Wearing nothing but RIO undies and socks 10 lucky winners raced on Sydneys Bondi Beach on Saturday 30th April in front of an audience of thousands for the chance to win.
and a close up...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Britt's Last Days

Here is a layout I have put together in remembrance of  Britt Lapthorne who died in Dubrovnik three years ago. It is my littl tribute to her each September. One day I will give all the layouts I have made to her mum, Elke who is my work collegue and friend.

I took a lot of the information and these photos from WHO Weekly (Sept 26th 2011)

Britts Last Days
 The top photo shows her in Germany on July 27th 2008, in Lubeck North of Hamburg, in the country of her mothers (Elke) birthplace. The bottom photo shows her in Slovenia on Sept 6th 2008, on Lake Bled, 12 days before she disapeared.

 ......and a close up

R.I.P beautiful, gorgeous Britt.



Hi Ladies,
Here is my take on Scraphappy Kats FNC (Friday Night Challenge). This sketch was put together by the fabulous Lexie....and its a beauty :)

The instructions are....1) Handmade embellishment 2) Fabric, can be ribbon, lace or bits of fabric 3) Stitching - can be machine, hand or faux stitching and 4) Paint :)
I also used this sketch for the Word challenge at Soul Scrappers hosted by Mary Steinmetz.
The word we had to use was  'SERENITY'

This challenge is opened to all traditional, 
digital and hybrid  scrappers, 
you have until September 20th to enter a submission. get your entries in!!!!


Journaling says....There is nothing more serene than a Bali sunset

1) Handmade embelishments - hand cut sun, felt round flower with button and handcut chipboard leaves.
2) Fabric = 2 bits of ribbon
3) Stitching = Cross stitch in three spots around photo matt
4) Paint = bubble wrap paint using Jo Sonyas paint 'Turners Yellow'

Here is a close up!!!!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bubble Beauty

...Back Again!!!

Here is my entry for the latest sketch challenge at 'Pencil Lines'  
...I really love this sketch site and love the fantastic DT interpretations of the sketches. This is Sketch number 251 :)

Bubble Beauty

This my niece Megan in her home Spa :)

and a close up :)


The One That Got Away

Hi Ladies!!

Here is my entry for the 'Fishing Merit' Badge up for grabs at Dixie Pieces, hosted by Scrappisandi :)

This time its the 'Fishing' merit badge! To earn this create a LO featuring someone messing about on the can be on beach at the waters edge, in a boat on the ocean or river, on a riverbank...anything that involves playing in or on a natural water source!!...& no it doesn't have to be fishing...but it could!!!!

You can join in all the challenges at 'Camp Dixie Pieces'

The One That Got Away
Journaling says....

Mum, Dad, Craig and Linda loved to get away
fishing at the Mitta Mitta as often as they could.

The Mitta Mitta is located in one of the most
scenic mountain areas in Victoria.

Fishing is a popular activity in the area, the rivers
and lakes are full of  rainbow and brown trout.

Here is Craig and Mum checking their dingy
before heading off to fish for the day.

I fashiond the old boot from clay and stuck a hook through the top whilst it was drying. Once dried I painted it brown and the sole black and added a small piece of fishing line.

The large fish was cut out from the 'Beach' bits and bobs kit from Magpie kit club.

Here are some close ups :)




Here is my entry for Debi Clarks Sketch challenge at Soul Scrappers. You had to use the following sketch and use the following Criteria - buttons, stamping & a sticker of two.


....Guess What!!?  I forgot the stamps/stamping :(

I used a 'Where the Wild Things Are' button 
and 3x circle Wild Things stickers
....but NO Stamping ...CRY!!!!!

Here is a close up!

Journaling says.....Adams trip to South America in 2010/11.
This photo was taken in Peru.
Peru has one of the oldest INCAN empires.

If you wish to join in, submissions must be uploaded and tagged by 7 pm Eastern time 25 September. A winner will be drawn at random on 26 September and added to the top of this challenge thread.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Daddy Long Legs

Hi Ladies!

Here is my entry for Debi's Ebony and Ivory challenge at Soul Scrappers. It is open to your interpretation for traditional or hybrid or digital LO's.

The main colours Debi chose & would like to see on your pages are
WHITE & SHADES OF BROWN, with a few touches of BLACK.

Next, upload your the photo of your page to the Soul Scrappers Gallery using the challenge tag EIC4 in your photo tag.
Submissions must be uploaded and tagged by 7 pm Eastern time 21 September. A winner will be drawn at random on 22 September and added to the top of this challenge thread.

Here is my take on the challenge called 'Daddy Long Legs'

Journaling says ....

Mum was living in Sydney when this photo was taken approx 1945.

Here she is holding her ‘Daddy Long Legs’

The Acrylic 'Love' Embellishemnet and the Tim Holtz film strip, came from the My2angels embellishment kit club. Tracy stamped with a script stamp then heat embossed the acrylic square with silver Metallic Zing, she the added a painted house key (a real one) Black soot distress crackle paint. On top of the key is a love key charm topped with a white rose. Hanging from that is our black iron chain, jumpring with a small heart locket charm (unfortunately mine broke :( I will try and find a replacement!) and a small key charm.

and here is a close up!


Musical Musings

Hi Ladies!

Here is my entry for Erica Hettwers challenge at Dixie Pieces.

You must use her sketch to earn your Mapping Merit Badge. Here is the sketch.....

and my take......

Musical Musings

Journaling says.....

Adam laid down a collection of LP albums’s 

on the floor and had this fantastic shot 
of him laying on the albums snapped 

by a friend. 

A great tribute to his love of music.

And a close up..... 


My Special Day

Here is my entry for Scraphappy Kats FNC (Friday Night Challenge), you can get to Kats blog from here

Here is a the sketch we had to follow....

Have fun with it....remember to have a photo of your LO emailed to by Tuesday 13th September.

My Special Day

Journaling says.....

It was a beautiful warm sunny day when I left home with dad 
to go to ST Johns Church on my wedding day

Photo  of Stephen and I taken with both our parents :)

and a close up!!!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Love by Carmel Newton

Here is an entry for ARTastic challenge blog from a newbie...... Carmel Newton. She was encouraged by DT member Karen Knight to submit an entry this month. Unfortunately she doesnt have her own blog, so I'm helping her out by popping her fabbo entry here :)

First Love by Carmel Newton

Dont forget to leave Carmel some comments, I'm sure she would
love to know what we think of her first ever ARTastic entry :)


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Appreciate your Friends

Hi Ladies!

Here is my entry for Marisa's quote challenge at Soul Scrappers.

Here what Marisa had to say......

It is quote challenge time again!
I have selected this quote for you all to use on your creation, be it traditional, digital or hybrid. It is open to all scrappers.

Live with intention
Walk to the edge
Listen hard
Practice wellness
Play with abandon
Choose with no regret
Continue to learn
Appreciate your friends
Do what you love
Live as if this is all there is.                - Mary Ann Radmacher

The added twist for this challenge is you must select a line from the quote to have has your title.
You have until 19 September to submit your page.

Appreciate your Friends

Adam with his friends having drinks in a park :)

And here is a close up...


Adam in Bolivia

Hi Ladies!

Come join in 'CAMP DIXIE PIECES' - as summer winds down and school starts back up, we thought we would take some time for one more camp out - Dixie Pieces Style! This month we will be posting 6 challenges for you where you can earn your Merit Badges from camp! For each badge you receive, you will get an entry into the prize drawing. This month you will receive a gift certificate to the store for a kit of your choice!

This is my entry for Sandi's challenge at Dixie Pieces, its a chance for me to earn my 'Survival in the Wilderness Badge'.  The challenge details are below.......
'Survival In The Wilderness' Merit Badge now's your chance to pick up another 'Camp Dixie Pieces' merit badge (& another entry into the draw for this months fab prize!!)...this time it's the 'Survival In The Wilderness' badge. Create a LO using a photo of someone in the big outdoors...& not just in your back yard!!

 Adam in Bolivia

Bolivia is not actually in your backyard....  LOL so,  hopefully I will score my badge for this entry :)

Journaling says......

Adam in the doorway of one of the Incan Ruins on
‘Isla del sol’ Island of the sun.
Lake Titicaca is a lake located on the border of Peru and
Bolivia. It sits 3,811 m (12,500 ft) above sea level, making it
the highest commercially navigable lake in the world
Island of the sun is situated on the Bolivian side of the lake
with regular boat links to the Bolivian town of Copacabana,
Isla del Sol ("Island of the sun") is one of the lake's largest
islands. In terms of geography, the terrain is harsh; it is a
rocky, hilly island. There are no motor vehicles or paved
roads on the island.
There are over 180 ruins on the island. Most of these date to
the Inca period circa the 15th century AD. Many hills on the
island contain agricultural terraces, which adapt steep and
rocky terrain to agriculture.

Adam was in South America from Dec 2010 til Feb 2011 

and here is a close up......


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Contented Canine


Here is my entry for Debi Clarks theme challenge over at Soul Scrappers.

For this Theme challenge I would like you to create a scrapbook page - digital, traditional or hybrid - using the challenge guidelines.

I would like to see you scrap a page, using the word CONTENTMENT as the inspiration & also using 2 or 3 MAIN COLOURS.

"Contentment" seems realistically defined as "enjoyment of whatever may be desired". That definition is realistic because the more contented an individual or community becomes the less extreme so more acceptable their desires will be.

Contentment could be - sitting by a lake reading, your little pets lolling about, kiddies playing in the garden, dad snoozing under a tree.......whatever you choose.

Contented Canine 

I used Blue and Brown as my two main colors. I paper pieced a sausage dog eating his boney biscuit as my embellie. Rexy is very contented dog always thinking about chewing bones, chasing cats and going for a long walk :)

......and here is a close up!