Tuesday, January 31, 2012

TWELVE - A journey to inspired scrapbooking

Hi Ladies!

I thought it was about time I posted my layouts from my 'TWELVE' journey, starting with all my January layouts.

TWELVE is an exploration of  TWELVE topics that will each inspire TWELVE scrapbook layouts over the next TWELVE months. Yikes!!! I hope I can keep up...thats a lot of scrapbook pages...exactly 144!!!

The topics in order are Me, Holidays, Places, Everyday Life, Rituals, People, Inspiration, Personality, Things, Family Stories, Seasons and Fun. Each topic is allocated a color, and on every page you add that topics colored embellie to the page. I also add the number '12' somewhere on the page as well :)
TWELVE Workshop hosted by Stacy Julian
ME - January
'This is Me'
I wanted to start with something easy for my first official TWELVE layout, dont get me wrong I have heaps of stories to tell, I just dont think I am a great story teller...but time will tell hey! This is my introduction to ME.......... Today, right now! Journaling says....* My hair is a DIY (Do it Yourself) color job with crimson highlights. It has a natural curl but these days I straighten it. ** My wrinkles on my forward show maturity, wisdom and a little worry! *** I know my stomach will never be totally flat again but I'm ok with that, for 27 months it housed my three children :) **** My hands are worn out 'MUM's' hands, my nails arn't long or manicured. but I love my hands because they do lots of useful things, like drive my car, put scrapbook pages together, constantly work stock at work and pat our dog and cats ***** My legs are the worst, they will never run a marathon. If I had one wish to change any part of me, it would be my ugly legs!!! (I took my inspiration for this page from Lisa Bearnson :) - Shazza
 HOLIDAYS - January
'Australia Day at work'

We celebrated 'Australia Day' on January 26th in Australia. Unfortunately I had to work, but I had a great day and got lots of photos :) I have added my chosen coloured embellie to my page which is Dark Red (star in circle sticker -next to Australia word).  -  Shazza
PLACES - January 
'Mexico...the land of Taco's and Dreams'

Here is my page for the topic PLACES! Journaling says.... Our holiday to Mexico in 2006 would not have been the same without our little travelling Gnome, Here he is chillin' in his sombero! before he goes off to take a siesta :) My chosen color for PLACES is green, I have added a green flower topped with a green button. - Shazza

'Wardrobe Malfunction'
Journaling says....My Wardrobe is a Disaster!

It needs a good sort out, clean and tidy.

Most of my clothes are years old.

I need to bring myself into the 21st century, with some modern

and hip clothing styles!!

Where are Trinny and Susannah when you need them!!!

I have added my chosen coloured embellie to my page which is yellowey/green badge on the mannequins body. On every one of my TWELVE pages, -  Shazza

Note - Trinny and Susannah are two British fashion advisors, presenters and authors.
RITUALS - January
My Chai Latte Vanilla' 
 Here is my page for Rituals (Jan) Journaling says... My morning Tea Ritual at work... A Chai Latte Vanilla and a cake :) And ofcourse the Herald Sun to read! My chosen color for RITUALS is Purple, I have added a purple heart!- Shazza
PEOPLE - January
Discovering JJ...Jane
... and NO Jane does not have a Stutter!!
Journaling says..... Discovering JJ.. Jane was like discovering an answer to a difficult question, or like finding treasure at the bottom of the ocean…. I remember when Jane applied for A Design Team position on my challenge blog called ‘From Screen 2 Scrap’, after looking through her blog for sometime I came away thinking Wow! Jane is so creative and innovative. She has been a source of encouragement to me and if it wasn’t for her creative enthusiasm pushing me along, I would definitely not be where I am today as an artist. Jane is down to earth, witty and creative. She is overflowing with ideas and is the type of person that carries through, if she says it she does it! The thing I like most about Jane is her honesty, her no holes barred attitude!......and the fact that she hates GLITTER!! Lol When I had doubts about taking over ‘Soul Scrappers’ (A Ning based scrapping community with over 1500 members) in November 2011, she gave me lots of encouragement, help and the confidence to become the new owner. She has backed me all the way. I hope we stay close friends for a long, long time. I’m so happy that I .....DISCOVERED JJ.. JANE!! My chosen color for PEOPLE is red, I have added a red corner to Jane's photo  Janes Blog = http://scrappiecesofme.blogspot.com/ From Screen 2 Scrap Blog = http://screen2scrap.blogspot.com/ and Soul Scrappers = http://soul-scrappers.ning.com/ Shazza

'NO 1 in my Book'
Journaling on the tag says....Scrapbook Trends is a collection of the very best layout ideas, making it the best resource for inspiration and your ultimate guide to scrapbooking I have added my chosen coloured embellie to my page which is the yellow metal star. - Shazza
'Curious, Calm and Collected'

Journaling says.......Astro was our first cat, a fluffy British Blue. He is a curious, calm and collected fellow... always interested to explore and seek out hidden treats in mysterious places. Like most Britsh Blues, he is a bit chunky but has great reflexes, loves swatting flies and munching cobwebs! He is a great companion, and whilst not a lapcat, always likes to stay near people to see all the action. He spends a lot of time with his little leopard-like brother, Kimba. They are very different types of cats, but get on very well. When times have been tough, there is nothing more relaxing that having Astro come up beside you and greet you with a purr. His constant calm demeanour makes him a soothing presence. In return he asks for very litle, a scratch of the chin, maybe a little of his favourite snack...yummy tuna! I have added a dark purple winners badge as my personality color . - Shazza

THINGS - January
Mud Monster

Perfect Title for this photo Hey!!! lol

I have also made this page for TWELVE - THINGS for January.
I have added the Tim Holtz - Umbrella man die, the raindrops are white opal liquid pearls with an added Rainbow and clouds charm (from my2angels).
I have wanted to use this photo of Jenna when she was about 4 years playing in the mud with her brothers...look at that cheeky face!!! lol
My color for THINGS is orange so I have added a double orange button embellie for this page.  -  Shazza
'Ninja Turtle Ice-Cream'

This is a page I have repeated, I originally made it for Erika Martins journaling 101 class in March 2009 however the original page got wet, the wording smudged and it went a bit mouldy. so, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to repeat the page, I found the same images on the internet and had the same Stampin UP cardstock on hand. happy I am!!! Journaling says......I needed to stop at the shops after school to pick up a few grocery items. I had Adam 10, Jarred 7 and Jenna 5 with me. We went to Franklin’s supermarket close by. As soon as we got there the kids started asking to buy a snack to eat, but it was of course close to their dinner time and would spoil their tea. They just had to wait, we wouldn’t be very long, I assured them. I proceeded to gather up some shopping supplies, the kids wandered along the aisles with me. It was not long before we noticed Jarred was missing. Next minute we hear a commotion at the back of the store, thinking it may be Jarred we went up to see what was happening. As we approached the freezer aisle, this is the scene we were confronted with: the freezer door was wide open and a little fat bum was sticking out, followed by lots of grunting and moaning noises! It was Jarred his head stuck in the freezer, squirming but obviously stuck somehow. When I got closer I noticed his tongue and lips and face were stuck up against the freezer shelves. Apparently he had gone looking for something to eat and noticed Ninja Turtle Ice cream had leaked out of the packaging and dripped on to the freezer shelves. So he had stuck his head in, poked out his tongue to have a taste and soon found himself with his tongue firmly stuck onto the bar of the freezer shelf. People had started to gather around him because by now his grunting and muffled attempts to call for help had attracted a lot of attention! When I saw him, I just cracked up laughing, it was such a funny sight and for a moment I didn’t know what to do. Adam stepped in first, telling Jarred to close his eyes and not get his eyeballs stuck or they might pull out of the sockets…. little boys they say the funniest things! After what seemed ages, but was only a few minutes, his panting breath from the muffled calling out had slowly melted the ice sticking him to the bar. He was finally free. Everyone cheered. Jarred cried! Someone had suggested calling the fire brigade or the paramedics but he was fine, although a bit embarrassed. He had the freezer bar marks stamped across his lips, mouth and tongue. This was an experience he would never forget. One good thing came out of this though - he never asked for something to eat when we went shopping, he barely left my side at all after that! So that’s the saga of the Ninja Turtle Ice Cream. He is in his 20’s now and he still makes comments about that incident. I have added my chosen coloured embellie to my page which is dark blue (the flag).  -Shazza

SEASONS - January
'Seasons Greetings'

This is my interpretation of Kaz's Sketch, I used her circular sketch to make a christmas wreath. I used actual baubals by cutting them in half and glueing to my page (cool hey!!). This is photo taken at the Morrisons of Tilly and Tash my two neices on Christmas Day 2011. My chosen color for SEASONS is Orange, I have added a an orange flower with an orange brad centre! - Shazza
and Lastly .....
FUN - January
'Ride on Fun!'
Finally my last page for TWELVE for January... journaling says...Here am I riding on the ride-on-mower at the Power Garden Day in August 2011. I had never driven one before, it was quite a thrill to zoom around in circles. Just had to watch that I didn’t mow any bystanders down lol I have added my chosen coloured embellie to my page which is dark yellow (the butterfly at the bottom of the page). My dark yellow butterfly is pulling the '12' banner!

Now to start all TWELVE topics all over again for February :(