Friday, April 30, 2010

Deb's Creations - First monthly challenge

Okies Ladies, the challenge is to create a girly card using a girly image as you focal point!

The card can be any colours, any Embellies, ect ect!

The comp begins on the 15th of April 2010 & closes midnight 15th May 2010

It is open to anyone who would like to take part from any where in the world! The winner will be drawn by the Random Number Generator. You can enter as many cards as you like also!

You must be a member of Debs creations to participate is the only stipulation! Just add your card to the Gallery here & Deb will move it to the Challenge Album for you

The pic of this month's prize is pictured below-: 1 Kraftin Kimmie stamp- Lillith & 3 packs of the 2.5cm roses from the Shop. Have Fun Babes

You can get to Debs Creations by clicking on the banner or from here



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Look UP!

Here is my take on the first ever color challenge at the latest ning community called 'The Color Room', you had to take your inspiration from this palette of colors.

Here is mine called 'I Look Up' my older brother.


Friend USA

This is my entry for the 'Out of the Hat challenge' for April, you had to use the following criteria on your page......

1. Use a stamped image on your page - Shazza Bishop

2. Use pop dots (foam tape) - Anne Gaffney

3. At least one black and white photo - Sarah Warmington


Before I forget to ......a handmade Easter card from a friend in the USA :)

I know Easter is long gone but I was busy earlier this month and forgot to show off, a beautiful Easter card I received from a friend in the USA.................thanks so much Mary :)

Mary wrote in the card that 'Everybody loves chocolate bunnies,
this way I can save on calories!! (Ha, Ha)

I love her sense of humour!!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hey Ladies! do you want to win some free charms?

I do... I do... I do!!!

Our resident 'Queen of Charms' the delightful Tracy is giving them away hehehe

my2angels have 8 new charms in store

do you want to win a packet of each of them?

head over to the my2angels blog to find out how

Let me know if your a winner :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

'T is the noon of the Springtime

Here is my submission for this months poetry challenge at 'Scrap that Poetry'

You have until April 30th to enter the challenge, so hurry...........don't miss out!

April by John Greenleaf Whittier

by John Greenleaf Whittier

'T is the noon of the spring-time, yet never a bird
In the wind-shaken elm or the maple is heard;
For green meadow-grasses wide levels of snow,
And blowing of drifts where the crocus should blow;
Where wind-flower and violet, amber and white,
On south-sloping brooksides should smile in the light,
O'er the cold winter-beds of their late-waking roots
The frosty flake eddies, the ice-crystal shoots;
And, longing for light, under wind-driven heaps,
Round the boles of the pine-wood the ground-laurel creeps,
Unkissed of the sunshine, unbaptized of showers,
With buds scarcely swelled, which should burst into flowers
We wait for thy coming, sweet wind of the south!
For the touch of thy light wings, the kiss of thy mouth;
For the yearly evangel thou bearest from God,
Resurrection and life to the graves of the sod!
Up our long river-valley, for days, have not ceased
The wail and the shriek of the bitter northeast,
Raw and chill, as if winnowed through ices and snow,
All the way from the land of the wild Esquimau,
Until all our dreams of the land of the blest,
Like that red hunter's, turn to the sunny southwest.
O soul of the spring-time, its light and its breath,
Bring warmth to this coldness, bring life to this death;
Renew the great miracle; let us behold
The stone from the mouth of the sepulchre rolled,
And Nature, like Lazarus, rise, as of old!
Let our faith, which in darkness and coldness has lain,
Revive with the warmth and the brightness again,
And in blooming of flower and budding of tree
The symbols and types of our destiny see;
The life of the spring-time, the life of the whole,
And, as sun to the sleeping earth, love to the soul

I hand made all the flowers, the photo does not do the eggplant and green colors justice.
I really enjoyed putting this together.


Cat Whisperer

Here's my entry for this month's sketch challenge at Crafty Sketches

You still have plenty of time to join in, as the challenge finishes on April 30th :)

You could win a $30 voucher

Here's my entry called 'Cat Whisperer'

I hand made the 'Dahlia' flower (clever bunny arn't I ). Look at those gorgeous eyes on our 'Astro'.
Here is a close up!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Little Miss Road Trip

Here is my submission for From Screen 2 Scrap for April. you had to take your inspiration from the 'Little Miss Sunshine' poster.

Added criteria:

1) Must use yellow on the page, either the title, base cardstock or photo matt = 1 bonus point

2) Must use as part of your title 'Little Miss'....... or 'Little Master'....... Example: Little Miss Happy. Little Master Grumpy or Lille Miss Megan or Little Master Connor = 1 bonus point

3) **Movie Diva Demand** for an extra 3 bonus points.... give me either a car, truck, train or van somewhere on the page

Total bonus points for the month = 5 bonus points

...and here is mine

This challenge will finish midnight April 27th,
so you still have plenty of time to get your entry in :)


Hello Possums!

Here is my entry for the Themed challenge at Soul Scrappers hosted by amy.

Do people tell you that you look like someone? is it a famous person or just someone else that you know of? well, lets go from there.
Your challenge is to scrapbook a page about your look-alike.

use rubons in your layout and some form of bling.

Pictures: Must include a photo of your look-alike and if you want extra brownie points you should include a photo of yourself... mine below doesnt have a photo of me because someone actually thought one of the photos WAS me!
you should journal a little about why people think you look like this person, but not mandatory.

My doppelganger is Dame Edna Everidge!!

Now...........tell me you can see the similarity :)

The only difference is....... she loves her Gladiolus and I'm a tulip girl lol

Those pointy bits on the side of my head are ears, I might be wearing witches glasses but they dont extend that far..............I blame my mother, she had no idea how much teasing I would cop over those glasses!!

P.S I think we were seperated at BIRTH!!

I blinged the black glasses and the flowers are rub ons!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Darkness Inspirational Blog - On the Graveyard

I have made an ATC this time for the Darkness Inspirational Blog - On the Graveyard

Here is mine called 'Graveyard Chill!'

Sorry, there is a bit of glare from the sticker!

Do you like Dark Art, Spooky and Halloween? Well Darkness Inspirational blog is the place to be! Every two weeks, on Thursday, there is a new theme. Do you like atc's? Dolls? Mixed-media? Digital Art? Just make some "spooky" art and join the challenge! And every month Nans (Nancy Dooren) will choose a "Queen of Darkness" !


ARTastic April - 'My Home'

Here is the criteria for ARTastic Challenge Blog for April.

St Nicholas Circle by Thomas Kinkade

Use this inspiration to scrap your house, the street where you live, beach house, street scape etc......

Note - this does not have to be a winter scene

Added criteria - Each item added to your page = 1 bonus point
1) Lamp
2) Arrowed sign post
3) Bridge
4) Rotunda/Gazebo
5) Green roofed house Total = 5 points

All items have been taken from the painting

Here is my Submission below:

(take 2 of coffee mishap!!)

Here is my submission, I have all the criteris except a bridge :(

Jouranaling says: Our home - Love Abides Here

You still have plenty of time to get your entries in for this challenge, so please give it a go!!


AMC6 - Juggling ACT

This is my entry for the AMC6 challenge hosted by Ali, at Soul Scrappers called 'Juggling Act'

This is what Ali suggested for her challenge:

I can see from the beautiful pages in the gallery that you have been enjoying the ‘About Me’ challenges so far...

I hope you like this weeks challenge and want to play along!

What do you say when someone asks you what you are? Or what you do?

I usually say ‘oh, I’m just a mum’

Having recently returned to the world of work after being a ‘stay at home mum’, I was asked what have you been doing for the last few years, what skills do you have? My reply was the usual. I’ve just been being a mum! I had an unexpected reply! Being a mum is a very important job! Think of all the things that are involved and all the different tasks you do everyday. These are all skills you have acquired and you should be proud of them! This made me feel really good about myself and I started to look at things a bit differently! I am proud of my achievements, as a single mum of two girls, I do a lot of different jobs!

So here is my challenge for you today! I would like you to look that little bit deeper. No one is ‘just a’ Wife, Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Aunt, Friend, Husband, Teacher, Shop worker etc. Have a good look at your skills. Be proud of your achievements and tell us......

What are you? by Ali

This entry was rushed (as you can, I just didnt want to miss out on the challenge.


Soul Scrappers - ATC Swap # 2 - Nursey Rhyme

Here is my ATC for the Nursery Rhyme Theme at Soul Scrappers, ATC Swap # 2

Called 'Humpty Bumpty'

I made this for Chris W


Soul Scrappers - ATC Sap # 1 - 'Under the Sea'

Here is my ATC for the Theme 'Under the Sea' at Soul Scrappers, called Lil' Mermaid.

This was made for Erika :)


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Scrap that Poetry Blog Hop

Starts April 12th....don't miss out!

Monday, April 5, 2010

U Crack me UP challenge at Candy Shoppe Design

U Crack Me UP!

For this new challenge in April the Lollipop Girls and I wanted to make you LOL. We thought with all the April Fool's jokes going around we know that this month will surely be filled with laughs and giggles. We don't want to just stop on the 1st of the month.....we wanna keep laughing all throughout the month. Having a bad day? I hear laughter is the best medicine!

So, for this first April challenge you are asked to dig out those photo's buried in that deep, dark corner of your lives that you have hidden away so that no one will discover them. Come on girls, you know what I'm talking about! We wanna see the funny, hilarious, embarrassing memories you have that you wouldn't dare scrap before this. It can be of yourself or if you'd rather embarrass someone else, feel free. You can find the Candy Shoppe Designs blog here.

The sponsor for this challenge is Scarlet Lime

Here's a pic of the prize you could win from Scarlet lime

Here is my entry called 'I wish I was a Fairy'

These photos came about, by my daughter Jenna daring me to fit into her Calisthenics 'Aesthetics' costume, size 10.................(I'm a size 18) Boy!! I didn't know lycra stretched that much!!!. Jenna found her fairy wand and asked me to pose for a few photos :) Hopefully these will never end up on facebook!! I dont think she thought I would ever scrap them, but I have !! lol


Here is another page I scrapped called 'OMG - Not the Dreaded Baby Glo Worm'

I dont know which is funnier, Adam (my son when he was little) pulling that face, when the glo worm lit up.......or my crazy glasses and bright blue eye shadow from the eighties!!!


No Goats, No Glory, No G String!!!!

This is my entry for the sketch challenge at Soul Scrappers last month. It was hosted by Tiffany, this is the sketch we took our inspiration from.....

Here is my take!

I did this page for Kellie (a work colleague), this is a photo from her 21st birthday taken with Lena on 13th March 2010

The title is a joke between some girls at work, that has probably run its course!! (Its not rude its just stupid)!!


'The Heavenly and the Earthly Meet' at Scrap that Poetry

Below is the poem we had to use for inspiration at 'Scrap that Poetry' for April

An Easter Flower Gift- challenge #12

John Greenleaf Whittier Poem

O dearest bloom the seasons know,
Flowers of the Resurrection blow,
Our hope and faith restore;
And through the bitterness of death
And loss and sorrow, breathe a breath
Of life forevermore!
The thought of Love Immortal blends
With fond remembrances of friends;
In you, O sacred flowers,
By human love made doubly sweet,
The heavenly and the earthly meet,
The heart of Christ and ours

Here is my interpretation of the poem

I can't take full credit for this as I scraplifted some elements of this page from Tia ???, I will pop all info (and give tia full credit) up on my blog once we are able to post. Layout is called 'The Heavenly and the Earthly meet', once I stuck down the multitude of flowers I sewed thin satin stips across them and left them frayed and cottons hanging, I printed out the poem cut into pieces and stuck across the satin strips. I then scattered a few odd embellishments on the page.
I wanted to try something different, something not normally my style.................
I'm pleased with how it turned out! What do you ladies think?


My Goals 2010

This is my entry for the digi challenge hosted by Mary at 'Soul Scrappers'. Mine is not a digi take but I still wanted to have a go at this challenge as I loved the criteria.

This is what Mary suggested for the challenge:
Today's challenge is about Goals. I thought it would be a fun idea to make a page about the goals that we have set for ourselves for 2010. All you have to do is list at least 5 goals that you hope to meet by the end of 2010. A very easy challenge and a page for you to look back on when this year is up and see just how many of your goals you were able to meet.

this is what I came up with :)

and a close up!


About a Boy

This is my entry for the Sketch challenge (Hosted by Illana) at 'Soul Scrappers'.

This is the sketch used for inspiration

........and this is what I came up with

Lots of Random stitching, covered chipboard buttons in matching polka dot fabric and hand doodled red clouds! The green plane is a ceramic button also used frayed denim patches.

Here is a close up!

The sketch challenge is still running and if you would like to enter
you have untill the 11th of April!