Sunday, September 30, 2012

ICY Cold Feet

Here is my entry for 'Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia's ANTARTICA challenge  for the Amazing Race.

The criteria for this leg of the race is to add  an icy coloured 'fANTsy' pin. (unfortunately I did not purchase a kit as they were sold out) but I did make my own pin to represent an Icicle (....since we are in Antartica!)

The rest of the criteria to be include on your layout for the ANTARCTICA stop is:
1. white space
2. cool colour scheme
and  3. texture - be it texture paste, crackle medium, scrunched pp etc

Firstly I made my own pin to represent an Icicle
White space or Negative space - check :)
Cool color Scheme - I went with shades of Blue
For texture I misted some snowflakes and added them to the page.

I also cut out an ice berg and painted some shadows to add dimension. The Penguin is a cut out, and he is screaming.... Help! me I can't swim..... lol
I hand made the 'Polar-roo (a feltie polar bear with marsupial tendencies), her cub is carried in a neat little pouch. The Polar-roo was easy to make, I got the pattern from the book, 'Felties' by Nelly Pailloux. The Polar-roo is holding a Photo of my niece Kiera's feet, from when she was a new born.

I had so much fun with this challenge...... thanks Anthea!


A close up of the icicle

A close up of my stitched Polar-roo :)


Thanks for looking

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Frightfully Sweet

Hi Ladies! 
This is the second canvas
'Pumpkin Boy' from Christy Tomlinson's  
'PUMPKIN and CIDER' workshop. 
Love doing the backgrounds with paints, mists and rubons
Thanks Christy, I really think I know where my artastic passion lies now!
This will look great on my hallway table for Halloween!
and some close ups!!!



Trick or Treat

Hi Ladies! 
I'm pretty proud of myself, I finally gor to make my 
'Bumble Bee' Girl from Christy Tomlinson's  
'PUMPKIN and CIDER' workshop. 
I'm really enjoying getting paints and mists and rubons down on a blank canvas and
ending up with a piece of useful artwork.

Thanks Christy, I really think I know where my artastic passion lies now!

....and some close ups!




Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Always in our Heart's

Here is a layout I have put together in remembrance of  Britt Lapthorne who died in Dubrovnik four years ago. It is my little tribute to her each September. One day I will give all the layouts I have made to her mum, Elke who is my work collegue and friend.

 and a close up!

R.I.P Britt.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Live in the NOW

Hi Ladies!

Here is my inspirational example for ARTastic challenge blog

 Inspirational doodled canvas

Inspirational piece is....

"The prophetic calamity" by Shannon Crees (Graffiti Artist)

SEPTEMBER Challenge - "The prophetic calamity" by Shannon Crees (Graffiti Artist)
Criteria – Black background and solid use of geometric patterns
Please come and join in the challenge this month!
You have until midnight 30th September to upload your entry.
Plenty of time :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Writing love letters in the sand.

Hi Ladies!

Here is my entry for our first detour!

Time for a quick detour on your SBT50 Amazing Race! Before embarking on your first international flight, you need to make a detour to the post office to send a letter to your loved ones. It is a really windy day, and while trying to post your letter, it has blown out of your hand! Sad Scrap a layout or 3 card set with either a postage stamp, envelope or some hidden journalling to get your letter sent to your loved ones and get you back in the race.

Writing Love Letters in the Sand.

 I have added all the criteria... a postage stamp, an envelope and 
journaling tag hidden in the small envelope.

And a close up!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Do you feel like a paper bag......

Hi Lovely Ladies!

Here is my example page for my song/Lyric Challenge over at Soul Scrappers. This month we are using the Song 'Firework' by Katy Perry. You must use a word....OR a couple of words...OR a sentence OR even the song title on your page. This is a free scrap so any theme goes :)

Do you feel like a paper bag..... 

I felt like doing a real arty piece, so here I have drawn and painted (look alike) plastic bags on to baking paper. Using Jo Sonja's artist acrylics. I basecoated the bags with smoked pearl, I side loaded my brush into Paynes Grey and painted the creases and shading. I then sideloaded with warm white on my brush loaded with Smoked pearl and blended over the highlighted areas. I then used a pen to outline the bags and then I cut them out. The paint has pulled away in some spots making the plastic bags look old and shabby. Exactly the technique I was looking for :)

Here is a close up!

Here is the prize you will be playing for :)

A selection of Chevron bags (not plastic bags!!) lol
These are great for adding hidden journaling on your layouts!
Would love to see some entries so please pop into Soul Scrappers

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Two quick shares from Soul Scrappers

I had some spare time and managed to complete two challenges at Soul Scrappers

First is Liz's Birthstone/Gemstone Challenge.


Here is my entry for Liz's Gemstone challenge. My Birthstone is Ruby. 
I have a few ruby rings (as you can see!)
Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July *Devotion * Integrity * Courage * Happiness *Vitality *Confidence * Strength
Used to enhance energy, generosity and to bring success
The red color is caused by the element chromium
It is also the wedding anniversary gemstone for the 40th year of marriage.

Here is a close up...


Next is my entry for our Guest DT member at Soul SCrappers for September,  
Tracy Kielty from my2angels.

Mad Hatters Tea Party

ABC challenge with charms :)

I have used pieces from an old Diorama that I had to pull apart as I didnt have room for it in my studio. I wanted to keep some of the bits and pieces so I have used them in a layout :)
A= Alice (Jenna)
B= Banner
C=Cheshire cat
D= Deer (had to throw one in!) etc........

I have used three charms Tha bird in the bird cage, Rainbow and clouds and the fob watch (perfect for the White Rabbit!)

Hope you like and TFL

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall CARD

I loved the criteria this month at 'Get Creative' 
On the 5th of the month they reveal a card challenge .

Here is my entry....

I took my inspiration from the round mirror and green drawers.
I put foil behind the mirror and my frog represents the green drawers.

Create a card drawing on inspiration from this picture
you can use the colours or the furniture or the shapes
be as creative as you like just let us know what inspired you


It's Cold Outside Baby

Here is my entry for a new challenge site that Jane Howden (friend) put me on to called Scrap That Song.

The challenge for September is to scrap to a song containing the words WINTER or COLD.

I chose the song 'Baby it's COLD Outside' by Dean Martin

Here is my entry

Journaling says.... Here is Robyn waiting for the plow to come through. She is not able to get out of her home which is situated in Olympic Vally C.A. near Lake Tahoe. Her home is under 4 foot of snow. See her home in the photo...Let's hope the plow comes through soon!! (22/11/2010)

Here is a link to the YouTube video below

and a close up....

 Note - this also for TWELVE - SEASONS - August.
My colored embellie is a little orange bling circle on the bottom L/H side Snowflake
(However it fell off during the photo shoot)
 and I have replaced it now. My number '12' is in the bottom R/H corner.


This Moment

I found this wonderful challenge site called  Challenge Me Happy.

With a very creative Design Team there examples are fantastic! They have also just added a few more DT's to the group. So, pop in and take a look you want be dissapointed!!!

This months challenge technique is – SEWING!

Stitching by hand or machine sewing does not matter, just make sure the sewing is prominent in your project!

This is a newly made layout just for this challenge, I used machine stitching (with a heavy thread), I also hand stitched the buttons to my layout.

This Moment 

This is my S.I.L Pauline on her wedding day!

You can see my 'Random' machine stitching around the outside of the pp, 

and a couple of spots on the pp.

The winner of this fortnights challenge will win a mini kit from 

C’est Magnifique!!

Here is a close up of my page....

(You can see some of the random stitching peeking out!)


and  hoping to see you join in the SEwing challenge this month


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Heart you 2 Big Time !! xxx

I'm in a real scrapping groove atm, my mojo has been very kind to me of  late. So kind that I managed to join in another challenge and its a new site to me. I loved the criteria this month at 'Get Creative' So if your feeling especially creative this month, have a go at their September challenge which is based on the photograph below.

Here's my interpretation.....

Heart you 2 Big Time !! xxx

I took my inspiration from the colors, chandalier and the 
silhouetted pillows.

This is the inspirational piece...

and here is close up...


Maths- The Numbers dont add up!

Just found this fabulous Challenge Blog and had to have a go of the criteria this month which worked in well as I had a scrapping day at a friends house. It would be great if you would like to join in the 'The Studio Challenge/Blog', I'm sure they would love to see a heap of entries!!

The challenge is to create a page using numbers as a main element – a title, subject, design feature, whatever works for you.'  Amanda (the owner) turned '29' so its all about NUMBERS for the month of September. Happy Birthday Amanda!!!

I decided to go with a bit of an ARTY piece this month and also  journal about my love of Maths....NOT!!

Maths - The numbers dont add up!!

I modge podged tissue paper over numbers that I had stuck down to 
give a random look to the base card stock.  MESSY!! .... but I love how it turned out :)

Journaling says.... Maths was never my strong point in High School. 
Especially algebra! I just didn't get it! 
The numbers just didn't add up for me :(
I think a bit of adult tutoring would be great..... or a waste of time lol

A close up...

TFL and any lovely comments you leave :)
Shazza x

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How Much can a Koala Bear?

Here is my entry for the 'Amazing Race' Stop #1 at Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia. On this first leg of the race, I will need to pack my bags, grab my passport and make my way to Sydney, ready for my flight to my first international destination!

The criteria to be include on your layout for Australia are as follows:
1. Use Aussie slang on your layout - I used an Aussie phrase 'How much can a Koala Bear?'
2. Include an Aussie Image - I used and Aussie Flag pin
3. Use a border punch or scallops - to represent the large iconic structures - I used the Martha Stewart 'Daisy Fan' edge punch to represent the Opera House since we are in Sydney
4. An Aussie bottlecap  - Homemade Koala bottle cap (unfortunately I do not have a kit!)

How much can a Koala Bear?

Yes! those are real gum leaves that I Modge Podged!!!

Whenever I'm in Sydney I always head for Taronga Park Zoo. 
I was lucky enough to get a photo of some iconic Australian Wildlife.
Here is Nathan (Magpie), Jarred DS (Koala with baby on his back!)
and Ryan (Lorikeet)

That Koala is so CHEEKY poking out his tongue!!

Here is a close up....

I must say that I was a bit dissapointed on my arrival at the end of the first stop.
No Phil Keoghan or Grant Bowler to hug and kiss!!! lol


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Uplifting EMBRACE

Here is my entry for Mary Steinmetz's Word challenge over at Soul Scrappers
The word to use this month is EMBRACE or EMBRACING
If you would like to join in the deadline for this challenge is September 20th

Uplifting EMBRACE
This is Jenna hugging her little friend Ellen and lifting her off the floor, that's what I would call an uplifting Embrace :)

I strung a garland of buttons along the top of the crochet piece.
I like the effect!! :)

...and a close up


Catching up on TWELVE for AUGUST

I'm still a month behind with my Twelve workshop pages.....Here are the first couple I have done for August.

TWELVE is a workshop hosted by Stacy Julian. There are Twelve topics to scrap each month. The topics include  Me, Holidays, Seasons, Places, Everyday Life, Rituals, People, Inspiration, Personality, Things, Family Stories and Fun.

Oh Boy
TWELVE -August - Fun!

 I have used a photo of my Jarred when he was a little tacker...

I changed the page slightly by adding the 'Oh Boy' title and red star in the top Left corner.
My added embellie for Twelve is the yellow/green button in the left hand bottom corner and I added the number '12' to the button to identify the pages I am doing for Stacy's workshop.

This was a class taught by Melissa Kennedy at Scraphappy Kats retreat in Nagambe, using the Kaisercraft 'Attitude' line. Here is a pic of Melissa teaching, standing on a chair so everyone can see her :)

 A close up
Here you can see the layering and a bit of the corrugated base


Twelve - August - Everyday Life

Here is Jenna doing one of her Calisthenics poses
The embroidered piece is from my Grandma's (or Aunty Effies) collection
of Fancy Work.

Back in the day of Calisthenics this was a huge part of my everyday Life....taking Jenna to practise and competitions, sewing costumes and sewing on Sequinns (I Dont miss that!)
My added embellie is the Yellow/Green flower under Jennas foot and the number '12' is in the middle of one of the scallops

Here is a close up...


TWELVE - August - People

The photo was taken last year at a work function. These are my two best buds from work.
My added embellie is the little red flower, and the number '12' is in the bottom Right hand corner of my page. I love adding paint to my pages :)

Here is a close up...


Thats three pages done for TWELVE for August...better get going on the next 9 :(

TFL and thanks for any lovely comments added its much appreciated


Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Addams Family

I do so love a spooky challenge. 
This month at FS2S we are using inspiration 
from the movie poster 'The Last House on the Left'

Extra criteria........
1pt = Black Base c/s
2pts = A house somewhere on your page

3pts = Title must have one word in RED letters
I chose to do my sub on the Addams family
I rusted up some chipboard gates by adding copper paint randomly to them. I added some black Briar roses around the gates to make the entrance look even spookier!!!!  The sign hanging from the gate says...0001 Cemetary Lane (The Addams Family address) I also added a spider, bats and a purple/blue cross (amongst the black roses), and some spider web just finished it off.
All Extra Criteria is covered. 

Note#1: On top of the three monthly prizes I have three spooky RAK prizes to give away to three newbies that join our challenge this month. so if you have never had a go at one of our challenges please come and join in! The first three newbies will win the Halloween prize RAKS!!

Here is a close up!

NOTE#2 - I also did this for TWELVE - Rituals - July
I watched the series when I was eight and have watched many reruns so you might say my obsession is a bit of a ritual!!
 Who was your favourite Character?
My added embellie is the purple/blue cross stuck amongst the roses and my number 12 is on the 'y' of family.

Thanks for looking