Friday, February 15, 2013

Where's Shazza?

The inspirartion this month at ARTastic comes to you from Charles Meere and his painting 'Australian Beach Pattern'

This month is a free scrap!

Where's Shazza?

As soon as I saw the crowded beach scene we had to use for ARTastics February inspiration, I knew it was time to do a 'Where's SHAZZA' page. I took the main picture of a beach scene from the 'Where's Wally NOW! book and then added my own twist to it.
Now ladies, You will not see me in a bathing suit very often but for this challenge I thought What the Heck! I'm looking for all my lost possesions on the beach. Can you help find them!!
If you would like to join in the challenge you can find it at

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

(Love Me)

I have submitted my entry to two challenges this month. I searched both challenge blog sites and couldn't find anything saying that you couldnt do this....). Well I'II know by next month....... :)

Firstly........SCRAP IT WITH A SONG

It's February and we're in the mood for love here at Scrap It With a Song! We've got a whole month of romantic tunes to add to the playlist and spark some creativity in your scrapbook.  First up we have......

"As Long As You Love Me" by Justin Bieber

  You choose some aspect of the song/band to inspire your project (a word or line from the lyrics, the title, band name, an image in the video - pretty much anything - just be sure to let us know what inspired you if it isn't obvious!)

I choose the words (Love Me) for my title 


Secondly.......... I have entered this layout in.....

The Studio Challenge Blog

 Here they challenge you to scrap about love but there's a little catch, you have to use at least 5 hearts on you layout! 


I have definately got more that 5 hearts on my 'Love Me' page.....


 and a close up....

When I printed out my photos of my Lovey Hasan, I was running low on ink so they have printed verragated with blues and green hues, they looked great on the page so I used them!

 First up I splattered dark blue ink over white card stock, you can just see some in the upper page!
I used Impasto Medium, 4 shades of blue Acrylic paint and Tacky glue.  I mixed each color of the paint with impasto in little containers, I added tacky glue as I wanted to make sure my heart cut outs would remain stuck down.

The impasto paints was left over from another project.

I added the Impasto to my page from darkest to lightest, I then added the heart cut outs on top and pushed them into the Impasto with pop sticks, so the mixture would squeeze up around the heart cut outs. I left to dry overnight and then layered my photos and embellies to the side. I also added the Impasto to the 'Love'and 'heart with the arrow' to give the page more dimension.

I also added the RED chevron button for that extra pop!

This looks fantastic in real life!
I have dated this page Feb 14th, for Valentines!


So Ladies if you would like to enter two great challenges this month head off to 




and get scrapping!!!






Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Here is my example page for the February challenge at FS2S (From Screen 2 Scrap)

This month we are using the poster CASINO Jack

Extra Criteria
 1pt = Grey base card stock
2 pts = playing card/s
3 pts = money notes
 Would love you to come play along this month...


Atlantis Marine Park

Here is my entry for ARCHISCRAPS challenge #8

You can get to Archiscraps here

This months challenge inspires you to use a headshot and BLING.

and this unique sculpture below.

Czech artist David Černý's North Carolina piece 'Metalmorphosis.' 

Here is my interpretation of the challenge.....

ATLANTIS Marine Park
(Bling is the wavy lines above and below the photos)

and a close up

Journaling says......

We holidayed in Perth with Paul and Terri Gigiacomo in 1982.

Steve and I flew over and then we travelled back to Melbourne in a Combi van along the Nullarbor Hwy.

 We visited the ‘Atlantis Marine Park’ which had only opened as a theme park in 1981.

It was a great park with some fantastic  performing dolphins and many sculptures scattered around the park.
You can see me standing on King Neptune’s Hand, he was the biggest sculpture in the park.

 I also had my photo taken with Rolf Harris.

 Sadly the park closed in 1990 due to financial problems. Since its closure the park has 

been abandoned and vandalised.