Thursday, October 27, 2011

The CHIP CHOP Shop Giveaway :)

Leeanne is having a giveaway to win a huge $50 prize pack of her CHIP CHOP SHOP handmade embellies, if you want to win, then head to 'The Paint Brush Goes Potty' (What a cute name for her blog) and also check out HER SHOP and check out her fabulous Handmade goodies...........

Good Luck All :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Girls are Pretty Girls

Here is my entry for Marisa's Quote challenge at Soul Scrappers.

You had to use the following quote....

I believe in pink
I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner
I believe in kissing, kissing a lot
I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong
I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls
I believe that tomorrow is another day and
I believe in miracles.    - Audrey Hepburn

Happy Girls are Pretty Girls
and a close up!
I loved the Hepburn Quote and thought it went well with this picture of Jenna, as she looked gorgeous in this photo taken at the Bunnings Christmas Party in 2009.

Christmas Delights

Here is my take on Scraphappy Kats FNC (Friday Night Challenge).
...unfortunately I cant upload the sketch as Kathy has put a Copyright thingy on it!

Christmas Delights
and a close up!

Here is my Jenna and Tash (my Niece) celebrating Christmas.
No journaling as yet as I'm not quite sure which sisters house this was taken at!?!!


Here is my take on Jane's Ebony and Ivory challenge at Soul Scrappers.

Previous challenges in this category have been using black and white with an additional highlight colour – this time around I’m asking you to do an entirely black and white layout – no other colours allowed at all.  This means you will need to use a black and white photo (or several) for your layout. There is a little twist to this -  I want you to use photo sizes other than 6x4 or 4x6,  so enlarge to a 5x7, cut down to a 4x4 like I have done or use a selection of smaller pictures, whatever takes your fancy – but remember no 6x4’s!!


The photo is a tadd blurry but I just loved this photo of 
Jenna and her BF Nick and had to scrap it!!

and a close up!

Thanks Jane, I loved this challenge!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Debs Capri

Here is my first time upload at 'Let's Scrap',  its basically a Sketch challenge Ning site to encourage and motivate our love of scrapping :)

I used the 2011 sketch number 5-11-11. This sketch really appealed to me as I thought it would be a great chance to use up some of my off cut strips.

Here is the sketch I used for my example.....

Debs Capri

Journaling says..... Deb drove to Mansfield during the holidays in January 1992 to show off her new Capri!
Steve,  the kids and I were camping at Rondor Ski Village at Mansfield on  Lake Eildon.
Lorel my younger sister accompanied her on the trip.
Deb just loved convertibles and couldn’t wait to get one!
She kept her little sports car for about six years.
Deb just loved driving it!

A close up of the R/H side

A close up of the L/H Side

A close up of the centre of the pages together ...


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

BEWARE by Lauri Durand

Here is an entry for FS2S Challenge blog from a newbie...... Lauri Durand.  Unfortunately she doesnt have her own blog, so I'm helping her out by popping her fabbo entry here :)

BEWARE by Lauri Durand
Just so you know, the picture is of a real haunted house from Seattle's first serial killer that was convicted back in 1911 that was a woman. She starved 20 confirmed (but possibly 40) people to death.  In my die cut window I put my silhouette on the left side, and on the right are photos of close ups of the windows from the actual house. Can you see 2 creepy faces in them?  I have been wanting to scrap my haunted house pictures for awhile so this was a perfect contest to inspire me. The house is my photo & the title is one word and cut in half. The letters were tricky to cut w/o disorting what it says, but it works.
Lauri Durand
Dont forget to leave Lauri some comments, I'm sure she would
love to know what we think of her first ever FS2S entry :)


The Story of Jarred and Quinn

Here is my entry for Gwens Paper Tearing Technique challenge at Soul Scrappers this month. this is what Gwen had to say about her challenge.....

Hi everyone!
Your Technique challenge this month is to use "torn edged paper" on your scrapbook page
I created a page using torn papers for the background, around the photo to make a unique
"frame" and to add some softness and interest to the page.
You may use torn paper in any format for your page and submit it here!
the details are after the photos-  Have fun and tear away!

The Story of Jarred and Quinn

 I have used torn paper strips to frame my layout and also strips for the title lines, I then sewed them all down...I'm really pleased how this turned out!...thanks Gwen for a great challenge!

This is a sad story, I have added a little apology note in the envelope. This is Jarreds first little dog called Quinn. Jarred named him after his Grandpa who was named Quintin......It basically says I'm sorry that I did not look after Quinn better, and I'm really sad that he dug under our backfence into a bad backyard with a huge bad tempered dog. Hopefully he was killed instantly! We came home late from work on a cold winters night and could not find Quinn anywhere, we did a quick search of the neighbour hood but could not find Quinn. I waited til the next morning to tell Jarred and by the afternoon we were all out searching for Quinn, but to no avail. The next day a neighbour who walks his dogs daily said he had sighted the body of a dog that had been dumped in a paddock about a mile from our home. Sadly it was our Quinn, he looked like he was asleep, he only had a few dots of blood on him, I'm sure his neck had been broken. We brought him home and I wrapped him in a blanket and we all went back to Jarreds house (At that time he lived with his Dad Steve), we buried him in the backyard and had a little service for him...It was so sad. I'm so sorry that he died whilst we were looking after him. I will remember Quinn as a fast little runner, and the little antic he put on when you told him it was bedtime .... he would get down on his back and wimper and then jump straight up when you said walkies or din dins and then when you said 'In Bed' he would once again put his little act on! He was such a cutie!...and has been missed so much RIP Quinn you xxx

Here is a close up


Sunday, October 16, 2011


Another double layout done and dusted thanks to 'Double Take' hosted by Nic Howard and May Flume.

 These photos go all the way back to 1992, when my kids were little..... :)

This is Week 2 - Sketch 2

....and here is my take called ROAR

Here is a close view of the Right Hand side...

And the Left Hand Side

Journaling says....We visited Dinosaur World with the Allisons (Peter, Rhonda, David and Nathan) in 1992.
Being huge fans of all things to do with Dinosaurs, the boys had a lot of fun!

close ups!!



Just a Shoe Fettish

This is my entry for Scraphappy Kats FNC (Friday Night Challenge)...unfortunately I cant upload the sketch as Kathy has put a Copyright thingy on it!

Just a Shoe Fettish

This is my niece Megan trying on her mums shoes!

And a close up!


Saturday, October 15, 2011


Here is my entry for the Repeatative Stamping challenge hosted by Brianna at Dixie Pieces.

Heres what Brianna had to say.....
Hello new scrappy friends!I just recently took an online class with great inspiration,and they used alot of stamps.I am not ussually one to use stamps on my layouts,but I love new techniques,and was intrigued.I created this layout by using stamps in a repeat pattern,(the background compass image and "adore" word strip below the photo)so this is my first challenge for you this month.With the stamp of your choice;(image or word) create a layout or card by repeating your image multiple times somewhere on the creation.

Here is my entry called 'Timeless'
I stamped lots of clocks on my background!

and a close up!

Journaling says.....
When I was a little girl, I remember a
beautiful etched glass photo frame with
a photo of me at five years, sitting crossed
legged talking on an old fashioned telephone.
It took pride of place on a telephone table
at my Grandmothers house.
Many years later my mother inherited it
and it sat inside a glass cabinet in our
lounge room. I loved that photo frame!!
After my dad passed away in 1999, my
mum sold our family home. Her two
storey five bedroom home was too much
for her to look after so she moved to a smaller
unit. During the packing up she gave me
the etched photo frame to keep.
Putting it up on a shelf in my own home,
I dropped it and shattered the glass frame…….
I was devastated, that frame was so beautiful!!
I started to sweep up the glass and on taking
the photo of me out of the frame, I discovered
another photo hidden behind my photo in
the frame, obviously my photo had been
placed over the top by my Grandmother.
Amazing!! It was an old sepia photograph
taken of my Grandmother ‘Annie Amelia
Chalk, as a little girl standing next to my
Great Grandmother ‘Henrietta Lucy Taylor’.
This is the only family photo we have of
my grandmother as a little girl and the only
photo in existence of my Great Grandmother.
What a find…… 


Power Garden Day at Collingwood Childrens Farm

I love this double layout and how it turned out. 
I covered the pages in chicken wire to give it a real Farmy feel!!! lol. 
I loved the sheep and lamb embellie.....thanks to a swap I did with Cathy Cafun!
Another great sketch from Nic and May at the 'Double Take' classes.

Here is Week 2 : Sketch 1

Here is my interpretation of the sketch.....

Here is a closer view of the R/H side...

and the L/H Side

Journaling says......
Our Power Garden Day was held at the ‘Collingwood Children’s Farm’. What a lovely day to be outside. Phil, Vicky, Damian and I spent all morning trying out new power garden equipment on the lower oval from our suppliers, but we couldn’t resist a look through the children’s farm whilst waiting for our BBQ lunch to be cooked.

and some close ups....



Uproar 2 Scrapmore Retreat

Another Layout using some older photos finally scrapped!!
thanks to Double Take by Nic and May!

Here is the sketch for Week 1 Sketch 4

Here is my interpretation of the Sketch.....

Here is a close up of the R/H side...

...and the L/H side

 Journaling says.... Here are some photos from my 1st ever scrapbooking retreat, the 'Uproar 2 Scrapmore' retreat held in Ashmore Qld. My friend Samantha and I decided to go, we had a fantastic time and and it was a great chance to catch up with lots of ladies that I have known online on the internet. Here are a few faces..... Sharon Dalton, Amanda Taylor, Jacqui Miles, Samantha (my friend), Chris Wormald, Lisa K, Belynda and Ms Uproar herelf  Dalena Sutton :) It was great making some new friends. I scrapped some fantastic pages over the weekend and won a few raffles. I would love to catch upagain for retreat #2 in 2012, that would be a treat! :)

Here is a close up of the title.....


Friday, October 14, 2011

Summer Splash

Here is contest # 2 for SENSE-ational Summer contest at 'Soul Scrappers'

The SIGHTS of summer are different for everyone. Some think of the beach or a lake or big vacations. Others may think of bbq's, the tennis or cricket. Here is a list of more sights during summer......lightening storm, beach volley ball, convertibles with the top down, going to soccer camps, wearing summer clothing like dresses, shorts, bathers and thongs.

So for this challenge please scrap a Summer SIGHT that appeals to you.

Hand cutting is one of my favourite ways to incorporate texture into a layout! It is very easy, and the only tool you need is a pair of scissors and a little patience to make your layout more dimensional.

Here are your details:
THEME: What SIGHT(s) mean SUMMERTIME to you? Created layout must be about the SIGHTS of  SUMMER!

TECHNIQUE: Handcutting must be present on your layout.

ADDED CRITERIA for Bonus points
1. Buttons = 1pt
2. 2 x different pp's (patterned papers) = 2pts
3. Two Word title = 3 pts
4. A Banner = 4 pts  - 10 points in total

Upload to the gallery by deadline  = 5pts (deadline for challenge #2 is November 10th 7pm Eastern time)
Upload to the gallery before end of comp = 3 pts (Sometime in February TBA)
Best Photo - 1st = 15pts, 2nd = 10 pts and 3rd = 5 pts
Best Title -1st = 15pts, 2nd = 10 pts and 3rd = 5 pts
Best layout in presentation, balance and design -1st = 15pts, 2nd = 10 pts and 3rd = 5 pts
Best use of Technique =1st = 15pts, 2nd = 10 pts and 3rd = 5 pts
Bonus items/Added criteria = 10 pts max

Here is my e xample......

One of the sights of summer that I vivedly remember is my two boys Adam and Jarred splashing around in their Nan and Pa's above ground pool back in 1992. Everytime we visited through summer they had to go in to cool off! I used fussy cutting on my layout in three spots, the flowers, the pin wheels and the title is also cut out

and a close up!!! 

Please come and join in, there are lots of prizes to win for each round  :)


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I swear it wasnt me

Here is my entry for Janes challenge at Soul Scrappers...'Thinking inside the Square. 

Heres Janes challenge info....

When I am pressed for time or just want to scrap without thinking hard over the process, I often head to one of my "often used and always work" page designs.  One of these is using a 10in square and then configuring 6x4 or 4x6 pictures and blocks of other size papers (4x4 - 2x12 - 1x12 - 2x4 etc) inside that frame. The variations on this theme are endless. You can swap out the 6x4 or 4x6 pictures for paper or journaling blocks, use pictures cut down to 4x4 or even 2x2 or place the 10in square onto a backing paper to frame the design.  It is a simple, effective and time saving technique for getting pages done quickly - it is also a wonderful way to use up paper pieces from your scrap basket.

So your challenge is to start with a design in a 10in square on a 12x12 page and play with what you can put inside it to create your layout.  Be creative - how you do this is up to you.  Here are just a few the many variations on this theme - there are literally dozens of ways you can go about this.

And here is my take.....

Our Duke is at it again......He got into a toilet roll, and dragged it around our lounge room, he knew he was in trouble when he was caught (look at the top picture with his ears right back)and then he jumped up and gave us the look in the bottom if saying...'I swear it wasn't me'

and a close up! 


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

All Good Things....

Another Layout done and dusted, thanks to Double Take by Nic and May!

Here is the sketch for Week 1 Sketch 3

Here is my interpretation of the Sketch.....

Loved this sketch but reversed it :) Journaling says ....My Favourite Mexican restaurant, 'Nacho Cantina' in Lower Plenty. Before tucking into my Mexican Feast. I took time out to sip a Tequila treat...... Before I knew it, it was all gone!!! I suppose 'All good things'....Come to an end :( Cheers Shazza

Here is a close up of the R/H side...

and L/H side