Friday, November 20, 2009

Check out this new blog!!!!

Three Pipe Problem

All the blogging I do, has left my partner lonely and bored so he has gone off and started one of his own!!!!! Luckily he has a lot of things to write about, so this should keep him off my back for a while...... hehehehe. The main focus of his blog is art, history, film, and books. I encourage you to go and have a squiz, you might find something interesting !!

I particularly like the post on the famous Flemish painting called The Arnolfini Marriage. Very interesting stuff!

You can get to his blog from here.

If it looks like your cup of tea, make sure you follow it and
leave comments, he will love that :)



  1. OMG what a great plan - kids get yourselves a blog LOL off to check it out

  2. Love this and I have also sent you a blog award.