Wednesday, June 16, 2010

FREE STUFF!!! Now this is fun!! You shouldn't miss out on the next one.......


Every couple of months we do a 'Soul Scrap Quest' at 'Soul Scrappers' this is where if you sign up and promise to use your FREE STUff........yes thats right!!!.............................. FREE STUFF!!!! you go in the running for prizes aswell! It's proving very popular each dont miss out join 'Soul Scrappers' NOW to be in it!!!

You can use your free stuff to make a card, layout, off the page project or use in any creative way you like!!!

Here's what its all about............

Are you in?

What is Soul Scrap Quest?

It's FREE STUFF that can be used on a scrapbooking page, card, OTP item or used in any creative way you like.......everyone loves FREE!

(Check out the projects that were submitted for Soul Scrap Quest #1)

You will be sent a pack of embellishments to use on your page. Everyone
receives the same items (color and size may vary). The concept is to
scrap a page etc...... using all or most of these items. You can add anything you
like but you must use all or most of your FREE STUFF!

By adding you name to the list you agree to use all or most of the FREE STUFF
supplied, make a card, layout, OTP ("off the page"), sewn item or a mixed media
item.......and then upload to the gallery using the code SSQ in the
title. This Quest allows you to create anything you want......

What makes this QUEST unique..... is that until you open your
envelope you are really not going to know what is in it, and what you
are expected to use. Some of the embellishments could be shop bought,
painted items, stickers, stamped images, polymer clay items, metal
items, hand pieced images, handmade flowers, sewn items, felt items
etc......... the list goes on!!

Benefit of the Quest!!
1. You scrap items you may never have thought of scrapping before
2. You get to see how 19 or so other individuals use their items and you will be amazed at all the creative ideas.
3. You use techniques and ideas on your future scrap booking pages.
4. Makes you think out side the square, you become more creative and arty!
5. Perfect for beginners because you will learn so much

Each entry will be scored/voted by the host of the challenge:example below.....
10 x embellishments scores 1 pt for each one used = (max 10 pts)
If you use all embellishments = 2 x bonus points
Presentation, balance, design and overall look = 4pts
Creativity using embellishments = 4 pts
Total 20 points

NOTE: Yes you can slap em all down on a page and get 12 points, but you
will score low in presentation, design use of embellishments etc....see I
know what you are thinking!!!

Here's what I came up with for our SSQ#2


I decided to make a 'Diorama' for the SSQ #2 challenge. I got the idea to use a 'wonderland theme' from ARTastic challenge blog as this months inspirational movie poster was 'Alice in Wonderland' and I thought all the bits and pieces from Erika would suit this theme....

Whats going on in Jenna's Wonderland.......
Madhatter has grabbed his tea pot and heading off to his tea party as the banners advertise. The white rabbit is lurking around and continualy checking the time. Alice my DD Jenna is delighted to be in 'Wonderland' and is off up the stepping stone path to meet the catterpillar. The cheshire cat is grinning like a mad puss!!! always!!
Froggy is looking astonished at whats going on.

so................ heres how I used all the bits and pieces
6 asstd butterfly die cuts = 3 on wire and 3 attached.
3 flower die cuts = look hard I have attached the white side as centres to larger flowers I hand cut.
1 piece pink ric-rac = used to tie the banner 'M.A.D.(R/H side)
1 piece of butterfly ribbon = used to make 'Jenna's Wonderland' flag
1 piece yellow ribbon = also used as a flag
4 epoxy round stickers = used on 4 butterflies as bodies
1 stick pin = top of flag
3 buttons = used as centres for the 3 die cut flowers
3 alterable bottle caps = used for covered stepping stone leading Jenna to catterpillar!
3 asstd tags = used for MAD banner
1 strip of patterned paper = this was the hardest to use but I ended up cutting lengthways and making party streamers attached to Right hand side of diorama.
1 bag of pink/blue beads = threaded to wire and attached as butterfly flight path lol
I ended up with the word 'Laugh' in my bits and pieces dont know if it was supposed to be there but I made it into a sign as I thought it was a great addition to the theme.

Other additions:
Mushroom made from clay and painted, stalk is a large cork.
Catterpillar pieced together from circles and cs




  1. Love what you did for this project!!

  2. Oh my Shazza, this is truly amazing, wow wow, I just love this gorgeous creation, I would so love to see this in real life, where do you find the time, I just love each month your gorgeous little creations in Amanda's swaps too, you are very clever. Wow Wow, Nate is just pointing to everything here. Melxx

  3. Great work Shazza love the OTP and thinking outside the 12x12 :)