Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thankyou ATC's for GLEE Club

Hi Ladies!

Have a look at this gorgeous little giftie sent to me from some of the participants of GLEE club, thanking me for putting it together and from seeing it through to the end even though my mum got sick and then pased away. It was a really difficult time for me but I didn't want to let the ladies down.

the theme for the ATC's was ......Thankyou from your Home Town

This is the gorgeous ATC thankyou booklet I received with all the little thank-yous from the Glee Club Gals.
I was so excited, I love it and hav shown it off at work.

Thanks Karen Findlay for organising and putting this altogether from the ladies all over the world.
I love the cover with the stamps that came from all over the world.
Thankyou to all the ladies that sent a little ATC, its so much appreciated...I will treasure this and give it pride of place in my scrap room :)

Here are some of the ATC Thankyous from the Glee Club Gals.

The theme was...... Thankyou from your Home Town :)

From The top left to right to bottom......

Gorgeous friends thankyou card from Mary Anderson
'Pure Canadian, Eh?' from Justenen Phoenix
'Central Coast', from Jane Howden
Thankyou from Bedford in the UK from Sandi Robinson
'The Big Banana' from Debi Clark
thankyou from Catherine Steele
Greetings from New York - from Brenda (centralnyscrapper)
Thankyou from Calgary from Karen Findlay
Thankyou from Monatague, Michigan USA from Mitzi Luttrull
Dutch Treats from Lean

From The top left to right to bottom......

God Save the Queen of Glee from Julie Jeavons :) lol
Thanks for all you do - My World - Deb Horst
Thankyou from Norway from Maggie R
Thanks from Joy Anderson
Sunshine coast QLD - from Marisa Page
Parisian Lady from Yolanda Bravery
Thankyou from Wisconsin - Mary Steinmetz
Thanks from Qadirah
Thankyou from Sun Prairie - Jami Hubatch
and The town with a Heart (Park River, north Dakota) from Kris Subolik

Thankyou so much ladies!!!!
Hugs and Love to all!
Shazza xxx


  1. This is so cool to see them all together...have fun with them...

  2. You really deserve them, cause you did an amazing job with the Glee Club!