Thursday, January 3, 2013

ARTastic Sneak Peek!!

This month at ARTastic we are looking at - Jenny McCrackin's My Blue Angel for inspiration

Jenny is a 3D chalk ARTIST

Criteria – the use of chalk or the addition of wings on your entry
 or be adventurous and use both :)
A little about 3D chalk art
3D chalk art is also known as pavement art, street painting, anamorphic perspective, optical illusions and sidewalk art.
3D chalk art is traditionally produced directly on the ground. Images and footage of the artwork continue to spread a message online well after the work has been washed away. Traditionally it is a temporary art form but these days permanent artworks are produced on the ground and walls too.
No question - Chalk art is a crowd-stopper – a great choice for a centrepiece at all kinds of festivals! 3D chalk art can be supported with public are workshops and competitions.
3D illusions can be produced directly on the ground, on canvas, or other surfaces. When canvas is used the artworks can be used for multiple events. Posing in 3D artworks for photos is engaging way to interact with an audience and to reach a larger audience.
Here is a sneak peek of my example page, 
I cant show you the full page until it goes up on 
ARTastic on the 15th January



  1. Yes, chalk art is among the best option to be used to convey social and educational messages. With 3D artwork joining the show, the pictures really seem getting a new edge thus helping people to get a bigger audience.

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  2. I thought it shoul be fun to do e viral-interview. I started this and tagged you. Make a blog with then questions about you and scrapbooking and tag some other people :).

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    Have fun!