Friday, February 15, 2013

Where's Shazza?

The inspirartion this month at ARTastic comes to you from Charles Meere and his painting 'Australian Beach Pattern'

This month is a free scrap!

Where's Shazza?

As soon as I saw the crowded beach scene we had to use for ARTastics February inspiration, I knew it was time to do a 'Where's SHAZZA' page. I took the main picture of a beach scene from the 'Where's Wally NOW! book and then added my own twist to it.
Now ladies, You will not see me in a bathing suit very often but for this challenge I thought What the Heck! I'm looking for all my lost possesions on the beach. Can you help find them!!
If you would like to join in the challenge you can find it at


  1. Love the humour in this. Thank you also for your award. Have a great rest of the week, cheers, Di

  2. Wow your page is brilliant!!! how did you think up such a great idea - I absolutely love it :) xx

  3. Hi Shazza, just to let you know, my parcel arrived today. How cool are those chalks. I've not used anything like them before. I've had a tiny play, and love the way the colours blend. Do they need any fixative? Again, thank you very much. Have a great day, cheers, Di