Monday, April 18, 2016


Hi Ladies!

Here is my take on this months challenge at 'More Than Words' challenge Blog. 
You can get to the challenge Here.

Word Inspiration - ESCAPE
Creative Challenge - MOOD PHOTO
Here is my take on the challenge....
'Trying to ESCAPE the clutches of Depression'
If anyone has suffered depression you would know that its a delibitating experience and causes a lot of heartache for family, friends as well as yourself.
In October 2013 I found my partner deceased (unexpectantly), and so my battle with depression started. It's been two and a half years since that dreadful day but I'm starting to feel a little better about myself and my world!
I took my inspiration for my page from the lone tree, hence the loan person (you become). There is a small flock of birds on the mood photo, so I added black and grey birds to my page. I wanted to portray the experience of the world closing in on you and trying to squeeze you out! 

Sorry Ladies! This is not a rainbow page as depicted in the mood photo.

Depression is such a dark experience!

Thankyou for another great challenge MTW ladies!



  1. Oh wow, thanks for sharing this experience with us all & I am glad to hear that you are slowly moving forward now. Very moving & strong emotions behind your creation. Fabulous work. Thanks for playing & sharing it with us at More Than Words. xo

  2. This is so genuine with such a deep meaning and a strong message! Beautiful! Thank you for playing with us @ More than Words!

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  4. Shazza... REALLY Sorry to hear of your loss & the depression you are facing.. Your page is FANTASTIC take on our moodboard! Thank yOu for sharing & joining us over @ More Than Words! xx

  5. Art is a form of therapy and I'm so happy that you can find an escape from your sadness in this way. Hopefully you will continue ahead until you find beautiful horizons with only happiness. Thank you for playing along with us at More Than Words!

  6. So great that you attached some significant meaning to this months Mood Board! Thanks so much for sharing this with us!! All the best from MTW! :)

  7. Such a heartfelt page. So great to see such a meaningful interpretation of the challenge. Life isn't all flowers and smiles but it's so great that you're heading in a more positive direction now. So glad you could join us at More Than Words.

  8. fabulous work!
    great way to express what you feel about depression...not all proyects have to be colorful!
    thanks for playing with us at More Than words!