Tuesday, May 4, 2010

'Sharon' - About Me challenge at Soul Scrappers.

This was my 'about Me' challenge at 'Soul Scrappers.

The Theme is - "Whats in a Name"

I'm using Sarah Atkins Doenges suggestion from the 'Challenge Suggestion Thread', so thanks for the idea Sarah :)

Your challenge is to scrapbook a page about yourself and finding out as much as you can about your name. In this case I used 'Sharon' as Shazza is my nickname :)

1. Add your name to the page somewhere

2. Try and find out the origins of your name.

3. The meaning of your name

4. Why your parents picked your name?

5. Where you named after a famous actress, dancer, etc.......

Here is my example for the AMC8 challenge called 'Whats in a name?' and inspired by Sarah Atkins Doenges, suggestion in the Challenge suggestion thread...thanks for the idea Sarah :)

I love being named after a Mouseketeer!

Here is what the journaling says:

I was named after Sharon Baird, a Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer (1955-1958)

My mum loved her, she said she was the best female tap dancer she had ever seen, she used to twirl a rope over her head, then jump rope whilst tapping to the music.

Sharon started dancing at the age of 3, and just a few years later, her legs were insured for $50,000 with Lloyds of London while she appeared on 'The Colgate Comedy hour' (1950)

** the girls name 'SHARON' (sh(a)ron) is of Hebrew origin and its meaning as a 'fertile' Plain Biblical place name: refers to flat land at the foot of Mount Carmel. The song of solomen describes the beloved Schulamite woman as a flower/rose of Sharon **


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  1. how clever and your layout is adorable! I remember watching the re-runs before school in the morning as a kid! :)