Sunday, January 30, 2011

Melt when looked Upon!

Here is my entry for Scrap that Poetry challenge for January. The poem is.....

New Year
by Katharine Lee Bates

WHITE year, white year,
Muffled soft in snow,
A diamond spray whose gems are gone
Before their grace we know,
A crystal-coated spray whose hours
Melt when looked upon,
Hoarfrost stars and hoarfrost flowers,
White year!

Green year, green year,
Sweet with sun and showers,
A windblown spray whose blossoms bright
Are the seven-colored hours,
A dancing spray whose leaves are days,
A spray whose leaves delight
In azure gleam and silver haze,
Green year!

New Year, new year
From rosy leaf to gold,
A shining spray on the Tree of Time
Where myriad sprays unfold,
A spray so fair that God may see
And gather it, bloom and rime,
To deck the doors of Eternity,
New Year!
here is my layout......

Melt when looked the sun!!

and a close up!



  1. Very clever Shazza, & what a great photo of poor Mr Snowman :(
    Lovely poem as inspiration..I do love all your embellishments.

  2. great take on the poem...lovely and cool page Shazza.

  3. Love it Shazza... thanks for playing along with us!!!

  4. A great layout with lots of "white" space. Just enough embellies to balance the page out! Love it!

  5. Shazza,
    What a great idea! I love how you created the melted snowman.