Friday, February 4, 2011

Violence Against Women

Here is my About Me Challenge at Soul Scrappers for this fortnight. you can see the challenge at Soul Scrappers here. you have plenty of time to enter, my challenge closes on February 15th :)

Hi Ladies?

Here is my AMC29 challenge........maybe a provocative one!!!

What Cause Do You Support?

You challenge is to speak out and tell us what 'cause' you are passionate about.  There are so many causes like Cruelty to animals, Abortion, Freedom of Speech, AIDs prevention, environment, childrens rights....... I would love to know about your passionate cause!!

I know as women we all support or believe in something close to our hearts.

Mine passionate cause is 'Violence Against Women', whether it be here, in my own country Australia or in another country far far away. I feel very passionate about this topic and have spoken at my work place  especially on 'White Ribbon Day'

White Ribbon Day is a chance to say no to violence against women. Violence against women occurs in every society. Every culture around the world. But where it is tolerated less it is practiced less. Violence against women will not be tolerated here in Australia. We want that message to be unambiguous. We need to make it very, very clear to men, in particular. It is not permissible. Not even to a little extent. It is not fair. It is not right. And it is not excusable.

Violence against women can be prevented. How!!
Women to speak up!!
Endeavouring to get men to change attitudes and behaviours about violence against women.

Here is my example page:

 and a close up

Next, upload the photo of your page to the Soul Scrappers Gallery using the challenge tag
AMC29 in your photo tag. Submissions must be
uploaded and tagged by 7 pm
Eastern time Tuesday, 15th February 2011.
  A winner will be drawn at random and announced on the Wednesday morning and added to the top of this challenge thread.

You may enter as many submissions as you like for this challenge, but
please do not submit duplicate challenge submissions. We like to see
new submissions for each challenge.

Here is the gallery link to all pages entered with the AMC29

PRIZE - I will award a prize if I have 10 or more entries for this challenge :(


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