Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chunky Shazza!

Here is my first layout for 'Getting our Bodies Back. It's a great group to join to document your weight loss and has been organised by Karen Findlay. You can get to Karens weight loss challenge here.

Journaling says.....

6 months down the track, I would like to achieve the

following by staying in control of my health by…..walking at

least an hour every day, cooking more healthy meals, and

trying to beat my diabetes. Ideally I would like to be under

75 kilos.

Over the next month I want to start walking more, and to

stop sneaking and hiding all the bad sugary food snacks

like biscuits and cakes. Start keeping my meal sizes

reasonable and eat more wholegrain, fruit, legumes and

dairy products.

I like my eyes

I like my freckly skin

I like my neck and shoulders

I like my will power

I like my dry wit



  1. I love your layout - it's good that you have looked at what you like about yourself. Its too easy to dwell on the negatives.
    Good Luck with your weightloss and healthy living!! :)