Thursday, August 11, 2011

Up with the Birds!

Here is my take on Jane Howdens FIRST challenge at Soul Scrappers. If you would like to join in, you have until Monday 22nd of August to upload your entry to the Gallery :)

Here are the details....

Getting up each morning!!

For this layout challenge I’d like you to focus on one or more elements of your daily getting up routine.  Do you roll out of bed in a cheerful mood and head out the door for a morning walk?  Do you perhaps enjoy yoga or tai-chi either outside in the fresh air or perhaps in your sunny living room?  Do you, like me, head straight for the kitchen to make a piping hot cup of tea or coffee to help shake those morning drearies?  Maybe you aren’t fully focused until you have eaten breakfast or had a hot refreshing shower or possibly your method of coping with the morning is to hit that snooze button, pull the covers over your head and go back to sleep for a few more precious minutes!

Do a page telling us what it is you do first thing each morning.

And a close up!

Journaling says....

I’m up and out of bed at 5.15am daily.

First up feed the cats.

Next a cup of white tea in my favourite panda cup 

I usually grab a ski yogurt and grains or some toast and vegemite (yum!)

I sip my tea whilst trawling through my emails.

Next…….Dress in my work uniform, Hair, Make up, Teeth…Oops almost forgot lunch!!!

I’m out the door to get to work by 6.45am, I start on the floor at 7am.

Thank heavens work is 5 mins from home.

Gee!! I’m already exhausted !!! lol


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