Sunday, July 7, 2019

Finding happiness

Minimalism is about owning fewer possessions...owning less stuff!
I no longer need to find happiness and fulfilment in possessions. I want to find happiness and fulfilment in making memories, and doing more with my life, and to do that, I don’t need more stuff in my life!

I’ve decided to give myself a year to change my life and become minimalistic. Over the year I’m going to go through every room in my house, every cupboard, every drawer, every cluttered space. I’m going to take pictures along the way....the before and after! I’m going to sell, donate, throw out and give away my unwanted stuff, so I can live a simple life and do more things I love!

I’ve decided to start with my front’s a complete disaster. It’s the room that every one sees first when they step into my house. It is filled with stuff - Jenna’s stuff, left behind after she moved out many years ago, broken items that need fixing, items that no longer serve a purpose, boxes filled with paper work that need sorting, junk items, soft toys, old toys etc.....

Today is the start of minimalistic journey!

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