Saturday, September 18, 2010

Britt - 2nd Annaversary !

Britt Lapthorne's parents Dale and Elke are back in Croatia on the second anniversary of their daughter's death.

THE parents of tragic Victorian backpacker Britt Lapthorne claim an investigation into their daughter's death has been "shovelled away in a drawer''.

Britt's parents, Dale and Elke, are in Dubrovnik for the second anniversary of the 21-year-old's death.

Mr Lapthorne said the couple had work to do in Croatia.

"Obviously the police are doing very little,'' Mr Lapthorne said.

"Since the AFP review several months ago they feel that's all done, everything’s clear and they can just shovel it away in a drawer.

Britt Lapthorne's parents Dale and Elke are back in Croatia on the second anniversary of their daughter's death.

"We've got our own work to be done.''

Mrs Lapthorne said it was difficult for the pair to be in Croatia.

"Someone just walked past the studio here and told us the police are upset that we're back again so that's put a smile on our face because that's what we're here for,'' she said.

"We are here to prompt the police.

"The case has sort of gone dormant and we don't want that to happen.''

The former Kilmore International School student's body was found in a Dubrovnik bay almost three weeks after she disappeared from a local nightclub on September 18, 2008. - (Source, is the Herald


I have my own way of thinking about Britt and expressing these feeling and as you would know, is through my art. So, I actually did a little scrapbooking page that I think has turned out just beautiful, and I wanted to share it with everyone, as this is my way of remembering beautiful Britt. I dont want others to forget also .......

For the ones that don't know, my connection to the Lapthorne's is through Elke whom I work with.

'Fly Like a Bird...and Soar'

Thanks for looking and keep some prayers in your heart for Elke and Dale

- Shazza


  1. i love that layout, and it was tragic what happened to britt, cant imagine what her parents are going through

  2. That not right, they should finish the investagation, how can they have any closure, on her death, I would stick to my guns have it reopen......

    My prays are with your friend hoping they find peace and closure soon.

  3. So beautiful of you to do that page...a very sad thing for that family to go through. I remember when it was all over the news and how sad I felt for them...did not know your connection to them..hope you all are okay and dealing with this tragedy the best you can and scrapping is a perfect way to express your feelings.... thinking of you all xo