Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Day of School Butterflies

Here is my submission for this fortnights 'Scrap that Poetry' challenge, the poem to scrap to is

First Day of School
by Eddie Garcia

you have to the end of the month to get your entries in :)

This scrapbook page is designed to look like an antique school slate (I got the idea and inspiration from Vintage Image Craft), which was once used by Victorian children for practising their letters and numbers. I used black card stock for the slate and then made a simple frame using wood-grain pp. I even mitred the corners on the frame. Across the bottom I assembled a collage of 'Vintage' school children (figures cut from vintage images), with various artifacts as slates, pens, ink wells, balls, books, globes and apples of course.

The first day of school can be an emotional collage of excitement, bewilderment, fear and adventure. Here is Adam on his first day of school, (photos taken at home). He is sitting on our front letterbox complaining that he is feeling funny in the tummy (nerves of course!). Just like the poem, once Adam got to School and found his friend David Reichelt (from up the street) was in his class he was right as rain :)

David and Adam still remain close friends, they are 26 years old now!

I would like to thank Melissa O'Neill for her gorgeous stamped butterflies which I recently received in a 'Kraft' swap........... I think they make the perfect touch to this page :)

Do I get an 'A' plus for this school scrapbooking page! lol

What do you think?



  1. oh wow, this would be my fave layout of yours EVER, love it esp the pics of the kids at the bottom of the page

  2. Just happenned to pop into your gorgeous blog Shazza and wow this layout is amazing, I had to laugh at your little fella (well not now) saying he felt funny in the tummy, how cute, the people accross the bottom of the page is just amazing and I am so honoured you would use those butterflies on your page dear friend. This is just a beautiful page. Melxx