Monday, November 14, 2011

I love the feel of Sand between my toes (TEXTURES of SUMMER)

Here we are already for contest # 3

SENSE-ational Summer contest # 3 - the TEXTURES of SUMMER.

Please read all instructions before you start!

OK!! .....We all know that TEXTURE is not a SENSE however I couldn't resist adding it to the contest. Everyone is going to have a different Summer TEXTURE they love. For me its SAND, I just love the feel of walking on Sand at the beach.

Here are some ideas for your favourite Textures......
SAND - at the beach, in a kids sand box/pit, at a lake.
Water - the sea, swimming pool, lake, summer thunderstorm
Grass - Running through Grass, lawns, playgrounds
Cotton - cotton summer dress, shorts and tops, bathers
AIR - Salty Air, clouds, the sun high in the air throwing shadows
Gardens - Flowers, plants, daisies

So Put your thinking caps on for this one :)

You can do Digital, traditional or Hybrid...whatever takes your fancy :)
Here are your details:
THEME: What TEXTURS(s) mean SUMMERTIME to you?
Created layout must be about the TEXTURES of  SUMMER!

TECHNIQUE: Distressing must be present on your layout. Distressing gives your papers or cardstock a well worn look. You can include tearing, sanding, crumpling, creasing, staining, wire brushing, scratching etc....... the more distressed the higher the points :) = 15  points MAX

ADDED CRITERIA for Bonus points
1. A Journal tag = 1pt
2. Staples = 2pts
3.  3x different fonts in the title = 3 pts
4. Ric Rac Trim = 4 pts  - 10 points in total

Upload to the gallery by deadline  = 5pts (deadline for challenge #3 is December 8th at 7pm Eastern time)
Upload to the gallery before end of comp = 3 pts (Sometime in February TBA)
Best Photo - 1st = 15pts, 2nd = 10 pts and 3rd = 5 pts
Best Title -1st = 15pts, 2nd = 10 pts and 3rd = 5 pts
Best layout in presentation, balance and design -1st = 15pts, 2nd = 10 pts and 3rd = 5 pts
Best use of Technique =1st = 15pts, 2nd = 10 pts and 3rd = 5 pts
Bonus items/Added criteria = 10 pts max

PLUS first 10 uploads to the gallery earn an extra 5 bonus points

Here is my example Page......

I Love the feel of SAND between my toes
(But I Don't like SAND when it gets in my Bikini Bottoms)
:) LOL!!

Create a scrapbook page following the challenge guidelines above. Next, upload the photo of your page to the Soul Scrappers Gallery using the challenge tag THC43  in your photo tag. Submissions must be uploaded and tagged by 7 pm Eastern time by Thursday December  8th  ....

NOTE - You have a month to complete challenge  # 3.  

Challenge # 4 will be uploaded on December 9th

Winners will be announced after December 9th and added to the top of this challenge thread.....

Here is the gallery link to all pages entered with the THC43

There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3 Prize........and some minor prizes for each challenge..

The overall winner of the contest (for the 5 challenges)
that scores the highest points will win a
'Summertime Scrapbooking Kit'
Value $30

Cheers shazza

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