Thursday, November 10, 2011

Penguins in Sweaters

Another double layout done and dusted thanks to 'Double Take' hosted by Nic Howard and May Flume.

Double Take (Week 3 - Sketch 3)

And here is my take called 'Penguins in Sweaters'

Journaling says......How can you save a penguin from an oil spill?
Knit him a sweater!
Last week, a New Zealand yarn store put out a request for
knitters of the world to unite and put together "penguin
jumpers" for the birds affected by the ongoing oil spill in
Northern New Zealand, …they were soon flooded
with little sweaters. The sweaters serve a dual purpose of
keeping the penguins warm until rescuers clean them and
preventing the birds from cleaning themselves while they
are coated with poisonous oil. Also, "The oil makes it
difficult for them to fly and there's a real risk they will
ingest the oil when they preen, or pass it into their chicks.
The oil spill, which began after a cargo ship ran aground
on October 5, has already left 1,300 birds dead and already
cost New Zealand $3.2 million for cleanup.

I also added a piece of knitting for texture :)

I also named them......
1) Miffy
2) Eric and Pam (from Twighlight)
3) Jake
4) Shuffles
5) Judith
6) Sid and Marge
7) Piccolo
and 8) Puddles

Which is your favourite?
R/H side

...and a close up!

and the L/H Side

and a close up!



  1. Oh now that is way too cute isn't it!!

    Shelee :) xx

  2. These little sweaters look so cute Shazza.I made one and posted it which was an effort with my arthritic hands.Your layouts look fantastic.