Sunday, September 30, 2012

ICY Cold Feet

Here is my entry for 'Scrapbooking Top 50 Australia's ANTARTICA challenge  for the Amazing Race.

The criteria for this leg of the race is to add  an icy coloured 'fANTsy' pin. (unfortunately I did not purchase a kit as they were sold out) but I did make my own pin to represent an Icicle (....since we are in Antartica!)

The rest of the criteria to be include on your layout for the ANTARCTICA stop is:
1. white space
2. cool colour scheme
and  3. texture - be it texture paste, crackle medium, scrunched pp etc

Firstly I made my own pin to represent an Icicle
White space or Negative space - check :)
Cool color Scheme - I went with shades of Blue
For texture I misted some snowflakes and added them to the page.

I also cut out an ice berg and painted some shadows to add dimension. The Penguin is a cut out, and he is screaming.... Help! me I can't swim..... lol
I hand made the 'Polar-roo (a feltie polar bear with marsupial tendencies), her cub is carried in a neat little pouch. The Polar-roo was easy to make, I got the pattern from the book, 'Felties' by Nelly Pailloux. The Polar-roo is holding a Photo of my niece Kiera's feet, from when she was a new born.

I had so much fun with this challenge...... thanks Anthea!


A close up of the icicle

A close up of my stitched Polar-roo :)


Thanks for looking


  1. You are so clever, love the Layout;Where you find the energy aand time.

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment...

    I like the bear you use on the page. Where did you find that fabulous bear from?

  3. Shazza, how delightful! Love it.What a great photo as well. Thank you also for your lovely comments. They are very appreciated. Have a great week, cheers, Di

  4. This looks wonderful!I love your felt bear and pin.The whole layout definitely reminds me of cold climates.

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  6. Thank you for joining the challenge...
    If you know people who like to join to let me know!