Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Two quick shares from Soul Scrappers

I had some spare time and managed to complete two challenges at Soul Scrappers

First is Liz's Birthstone/Gemstone Challenge.


Here is my entry for Liz's Gemstone challenge. My Birthstone is Ruby. 
I have a few ruby rings (as you can see!)
Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July *Devotion * Integrity * Courage * Happiness *Vitality *Confidence * Strength
Used to enhance energy, generosity and to bring success
The red color is caused by the element chromium
It is also the wedding anniversary gemstone for the 40th year of marriage.

Here is a close up...


Next is my entry for our Guest DT member at Soul SCrappers for September,  
Tracy Kielty from my2angels.

Mad Hatters Tea Party

ABC challenge with charms :)

I have used pieces from an old Diorama that I had to pull apart as I didnt have room for it in my studio. I wanted to keep some of the bits and pieces so I have used them in a layout :)
A= Alice (Jenna)
B= Banner
C=Cheshire cat
D= Deer (had to throw one in!) etc........

I have used three charms Tha bird in the bird cage, Rainbow and clouds and the fob watch (perfect for the White Rabbit!)

Hope you like and TFL

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  1. These are both great shazza.Is T.Pretty from Kiama downs one of the Soul SCrappers? I've received a RAK from her and don't know where she hails from.