Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hello Possums!

Here is my entry for the Themed challenge at Soul Scrappers hosted by amy.

Do people tell you that you look like someone? is it a famous person or just someone else that you know of? well, lets go from there.
Your challenge is to scrapbook a page about your look-alike.

use rubons in your layout and some form of bling.

Pictures: Must include a photo of your look-alike and if you want extra brownie points you should include a photo of yourself... mine below doesnt have a photo of me because someone actually thought one of the photos WAS me!
you should journal a little about why people think you look like this person, but not mandatory.

My doppelganger is Dame Edna Everidge!!

Now...........tell me you can see the similarity :)

The only difference is....... she loves her Gladiolus and I'm a tulip girl lol

Those pointy bits on the side of my head are ears, I might be wearing witches glasses but they dont extend that far..............I blame my mother, she had no idea how much teasing I would cop over those glasses!!

P.S I think we were seperated at BIRTH!!

I blinged the black glasses and the flowers are rub ons!


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