Monday, April 5, 2010

U Crack me UP challenge at Candy Shoppe Design

U Crack Me UP!

For this new challenge in April the Lollipop Girls and I wanted to make you LOL. We thought with all the April Fool's jokes going around we know that this month will surely be filled with laughs and giggles. We don't want to just stop on the 1st of the month.....we wanna keep laughing all throughout the month. Having a bad day? I hear laughter is the best medicine!

So, for this first April challenge you are asked to dig out those photo's buried in that deep, dark corner of your lives that you have hidden away so that no one will discover them. Come on girls, you know what I'm talking about! We wanna see the funny, hilarious, embarrassing memories you have that you wouldn't dare scrap before this. It can be of yourself or if you'd rather embarrass someone else, feel free. You can find the Candy Shoppe Designs blog here.

The sponsor for this challenge is Scarlet Lime

Here's a pic of the prize you could win from Scarlet lime

Here is my entry called 'I wish I was a Fairy'

These photos came about, by my daughter Jenna daring me to fit into her Calisthenics 'Aesthetics' costume, size 10.................(I'm a size 18) Boy!! I didn't know lycra stretched that much!!!. Jenna found her fairy wand and asked me to pose for a few photos :) Hopefully these will never end up on facebook!! I dont think she thought I would ever scrap them, but I have !! lol


Here is another page I scrapped called 'OMG - Not the Dreaded Baby Glo Worm'

I dont know which is funnier, Adam (my son when he was little) pulling that face, when the glo worm lit up.......or my crazy glasses and bright blue eye shadow from the eighties!!!



  1. I love the photo in your second layout - so cute and funny - and as for the first one, I am so impressed that you could get into the outfit - what fun photos. thanks so much for playing along with us at Candy Shoppe Designs.
    Lemon Zinger

  2. I just love these layouts, and yes I had a laugh with the outfit, I would be the same, but it looks fantastic on you, love the glo worm layout too.

  3. Ooo, Shazza! Cracking me up with the fairy getup;D and your son is beyond cute with that look on his face!

  4. OMG- I am so laughing (really hard too) at both projects- but remember I am laughing with you, not at you :)
    Thank you for joining us in this challenge!!!

    KitKat (Team Sugar @ Candy Shoppe Designs)

  5. LMAO
    Thanks for playing along with us at CSD. Cherry Lolita

  6. So So cute! Love that you were brave enough to put on that outfit and even more brave to scrap it!! The glo worm....I love those things! But his face is hysterical! Love it. Thanks for playing along with us at Candy Shoppe Designs!!

    Snap Crackle Pop

  7. I love both of your Lo's. The babies face on the second one is just priceless.