Wednesday, April 14, 2010

AMC6 - Juggling ACT

This is my entry for the AMC6 challenge hosted by Ali, at Soul Scrappers called 'Juggling Act'

This is what Ali suggested for her challenge:

I can see from the beautiful pages in the gallery that you have been enjoying the ‘About Me’ challenges so far...

I hope you like this weeks challenge and want to play along!

What do you say when someone asks you what you are? Or what you do?

I usually say ‘oh, I’m just a mum’

Having recently returned to the world of work after being a ‘stay at home mum’, I was asked what have you been doing for the last few years, what skills do you have? My reply was the usual. I’ve just been being a mum! I had an unexpected reply! Being a mum is a very important job! Think of all the things that are involved and all the different tasks you do everyday. These are all skills you have acquired and you should be proud of them! This made me feel really good about myself and I started to look at things a bit differently! I am proud of my achievements, as a single mum of two girls, I do a lot of different jobs!

So here is my challenge for you today! I would like you to look that little bit deeper. No one is ‘just a’ Wife, Mother, Grandma, Daughter, Aunt, Friend, Husband, Teacher, Shop worker etc. Have a good look at your skills. Be proud of your achievements and tell us......

What are you? by Ali

This entry was rushed (as you can, I just didnt want to miss out on the challenge.


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