Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Here is my take on Jane's Ebony and Ivory challenge at Soul Scrappers.

Previous challenges in this category have been using black and white with an additional highlight colour – this time around I’m asking you to do an entirely black and white layout – no other colours allowed at all.  This means you will need to use a black and white photo (or several) for your layout. There is a little twist to this -  I want you to use photo sizes other than 6x4 or 4x6,  so enlarge to a 5x7, cut down to a 4x4 like I have done or use a selection of smaller pictures, whatever takes your fancy – but remember no 6x4’s!!


The photo is a tadd blurry but I just loved this photo of 
Jenna and her BF Nick and had to scrap it!!

and a close up!

Thanks Jane, I loved this challenge!

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