Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Story of Jarred and Quinn

Here is my entry for Gwens Paper Tearing Technique challenge at Soul Scrappers this month. this is what Gwen had to say about her challenge.....

Hi everyone!
Your Technique challenge this month is to use "torn edged paper" on your scrapbook page
I created a page using torn papers for the background, around the photo to make a unique
"frame" and to add some softness and interest to the page.
You may use torn paper in any format for your page and submit it here!
the details are after the photos-  Have fun and tear away!

The Story of Jarred and Quinn

 I have used torn paper strips to frame my layout and also strips for the title lines, I then sewed them all down...I'm really pleased how this turned out!...thanks Gwen for a great challenge!

This is a sad story, I have added a little apology note in the envelope. This is Jarreds first little dog called Quinn. Jarred named him after his Grandpa who was named Quintin......It basically says I'm sorry that I did not look after Quinn better, and I'm really sad that he dug under our backfence into a bad backyard with a huge bad tempered dog. Hopefully he was killed instantly! We came home late from work on a cold winters night and could not find Quinn anywhere, we did a quick search of the neighbour hood but could not find Quinn. I waited til the next morning to tell Jarred and by the afternoon we were all out searching for Quinn, but to no avail. The next day a neighbour who walks his dogs daily said he had sighted the body of a dog that had been dumped in a paddock about a mile from our home. Sadly it was our Quinn, he looked like he was asleep, he only had a few dots of blood on him, I'm sure his neck had been broken. We brought him home and I wrapped him in a blanket and we all went back to Jarreds house (At that time he lived with his Dad Steve), we buried him in the backyard and had a little service for him...It was so sad. I'm so sorry that he died whilst we were looking after him. I will remember Quinn as a fast little runner, and the little antic he put on when you told him it was bedtime .... he would get down on his back and wimper and then jump straight up when you said walkies or din dins and then when you said 'In Bed' he would once again put his little act on! He was such a cutie!...and has been missed so much RIP Quinn ...love you xxx

Here is a close up



  1. Oh, Shazza, that is a sad, SAD story, I just about have a tear in my eye! Nice that you could make this page as a tribute, though. Hugs, Roxy.

  2. Oh shazza that is so sad. A beautiful LO