Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our New Baby

Here is my entry for Leonnie's Technique challenge at 'Soul Scrappers'

Welcome to this week’s Technique Challenge – using circles.

I do hope that you are enjoying all these challenges as there are some great ones are there not?

This is my very first Technique Challenge and not only do I hope you like what I’ve done but I also that I've set up the challenge right! This is all a bit daunting for me
to be on a ‘Soul Team’ with such talented ladies!

I thought at first using circles was a bit basic but I do know that some of the members here are not only new to ning and Soul Scrappers but also to scrapbooking.
It also doesn’t hurt to go back to the basics and revisit some of the
techniques we did when we started scrapbooking and maybe use them in different

Here is Leonnie's first ‘circles’ layout ....

and here is mine :)

I found this challenge quite hard as I am not a user of circles!!! The only time I use circles is with flowers and buttons etc.... so this challenge was not basic but quite hard for me.... Hey! but atleast I gave it a go!!

I distressed the edges of the cirles and photos for something different and attached a few of the photos to cardstock by sewing them on :)

This is 'Duke' our new baby chihuahua, 2 month old, he is the cutest tiny weeney pup ever!!....look at that face!!!



  1. Oh Duke is truly gorgeous, I love chihuahua's they are so cute, so small and gorgeous little eyes. I love your circle layout, I love how you put the smaller circles in different areas of the circles. Fantastic, this is probably one of my fav layouts of yours.