Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sorry! a bit behind with blogging atm........!!!

Here is my first submission for 'Scrap that Poetry' DT. This is the poem we used for our inspiration.

Ah, yes! Love

by: Clarence B. Campbell

(my husband's grandfather- he published 2 poetry books before he passed away- Jennifer Campbell)

Ah, yes! Love
Is peaches and honey, and figs, and cream.
And wild grapes dripping beside the stream,
Humming birds,
And a young man's dream!
Ah, yes! Love
Is bubbles and beauty and lantern light,
Music and madness and dizzy height,
And a star-filled night!

Ah, yes! Love
Is oceans and azure, and infinite skies,
Rubies and ivory, and fathomless eyes,
Where the bluebird springs
And signs as he flies!
Ah, yes! Love
Is whispers, and flickers, and candleshine,
Glances and trances, and deep, red winde,
And the moon-dust that clings
To the gossamer vine!

Ah, yes! Love
Is kisses, caresses, and sweet desire,
Prickles and shivers, and flashing fire,
And melodies
From a throbbing lyre!
Ah, yes! love
Is silver, and roses, and gay champagne,
And the soft reprise of the April rain,
And memories
That will long remain!

and a close up

Thanks for looking

There are still a few days left to get you entries in!



  1. What a gorgeous layout Shazza, life gets away from you sometimes hey, maybe if there was just 1 more hour in every day (lol) I love that photo of you and your husband, love crocheted flowers, you used them perfectly.

  2. Heya Shazza, I absolutely adore the love you guys have for each other, it is very special and my wish for you both is that you grow old and grey together and have so many happy times :)