Sunday, May 17, 2009

In MY Galaxy far, far away.......

This is my take on the May Cyber Crop Challenge at Ready, Set, Scrap, "Grease" by Shell. The Cyber Crop Theme for May was: RSS Dusk til Dawn Movie Marathon.

Let's Go Check Out Shell's Movie......

Now Playing - Grease
By Shell

For Shell's challenge you need to scrap your favourite movie from the 1970's (some of you younger chickies may need to think classics!)
The one you are still totally devoted to.

You must also have:
A pic of your favourite star
Ripped paper flowers (min of 5)
2 different coloured fonts

Here is Shell's Example:

and here is my entry:

This is my hunk from the 70's. I saw stars Wars dozens of times..... not for the special effects, or sound, or robotiic characters..... I went cause I adored Hans Solo (Harrison Ford)

I just wanted him to take me to a another Galaxy and have his way with me !!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for an awesome challenge Shell, I loved the 70's and everything about the 70"s :)


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