Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Soul Scrap Quest 1 - 'Home Sweet Home'

Hi Ladies!

This is an idea I came up with a few months ago and was able to showcase it on 'Soul Scrappers' where I am on the DT and an Administrator.

Here is part of the post:

I have been involved in ATC swaps, Stamped image swaps, swapping handmade embellishments and product swaps over the last two years.
'Soul Scrap Quest' is an idea I have been working on over the last
month to incorporate all these swaps into a Scrapping Challenge and
with Erika's permission I am trialing it out on Soul Scrappers for the
first time. If we get enough interest we will do a QUEST every three
months. Erika will host and score/vote the next one.

What is Soul Scrap Quest?

It's FREE STUFF that can be used on a scrapbooking page.......Cool Hey!

You will be sent a pack of embellishments to use on your page. Everyone
receives the same items (color and size may vary). The conecpt is to
scrap a page using all or most of these items. You can add anything you
like but you must use all or most of your FREE STUFF!

By adding you name to the list you agree to use all or most of the FREE STUFF
supplied, make a card, layout, OTP, sewn item or a mixed media
item.......and then upload to the gallery using the code SSQ1 in the
title. This Quest allows you to create anything you want......

What makes this a QUEST unique..... is that until you open your
envelope you are really not going to know what is in it, and what you
are expected to use. Some of the embellies could be shop bought,
painted items, stickers, stamped images, polymer clay items, metal
items, hand pieced images, handmade flowers, sewn items, felt items
etc......... the list goes on!!

NOTE: Because this is the first 'Soul Scrap Quest' .... out of the
kindness of my heart, I am posting the embellies for free however in
future you may be required to send a return stamp self addressed
envelope. Remember this is a trial, so will change depending on
interest. More ladies = return stamp addressed envelope.

The only hint you will get is the theme, so for this challenge we will scrap to the theme 'HOME SWEET HOME'

Benefit of the Quest!!
1. You scrap items you may never have thought of scrapping before
2. You get to see how 11 other individuals use their items and you will be amazed at all the creative ideas.
3. You use techniques and ideas on your future scrap booking pages.
4. Makes you think out side the square, you become more creative and arty!
5. Perfect for begginers because you will learn so much

There will be a prize for the Winner, a RAK (Random Act of Kindness) donated by Shazza
OOH you say, but how do we win!!! There are some great prizes for the winners!

Each entry will be scored/voted by Shazza {Me}:
10 x embellishments scores 1 pt for each one used = (max 10 pts)
If you use all embellies = 2 x bonus points
Presentation, balance, design and overall look = 4pts
Creativity using embellies = 4 pts
Total 20 points

Heres what I cam up with, using my embellishment pack. Once all the ladies have completed there pages hopefully I will be able to share some of them with you :)




If anyone is interested in joining the next 'Soul Scrap Quest', just let me know in this thread and I will give you a heads up when the next one starts :)


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  1. Love the idea, don't think I have time to do all the scrapping I want to but definately love the idea :)