Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm loving 'Stash Your Crop Cash'! - Don't Come the Raw Prawn with ME!

I'm loving 'Stash your Cash Crop' at Dixie Pieces this week :)

This is my entry for Scrappykims Trash Challenge, you can view all the entries here.

Here's what Kim had to say about her challenge - With homemade embellishments being so popular these days, I am always on the lookout for something I can use to create new and fun things. Sandi challenged us this morning to use Scrappin' product packaging, but what about other things that we might consider "trash". There are lots of tips online about using dryer sheets to create flowers and such, but we don't use traditional dryer sheets. We did switch laundry detergents that other day, though. We started using a 3-in-1 sheet --- it's a thick sheet of foamy like material that goes from the washing machine to the dryer. When I saw what was left after it did it's job in the dryer, I knew it would be perfect! They end up being a 1/8 inch thick piece of foamy material with a slight plastic film on the back.
There are lots of things in our trash or recycling bin that we can use for embellishments ---- another thing I love to do is punch circles out of cracker or cereal boxes --- the color families are so interesting!
So my challenge for you today is to use something on your layout that was pulled out of your trash or recycling! Get creative! Be sure to explain to us what is was and what you did with it! The only stipulation is that it can't be scrappin product packaging!

Here is the packaging I used
Pandaroo Prawn Crackers

I have used the 'Pandaroo Prawn Cracker Box' that I saved from the Garbage, I was going to make cardboard flowers but instead I decided to use that gorgeous fat prawn image, and this is what I came up with.......

Dont Come the Raw Prawn with Me

I dont think Adam would like a close up! this time lol


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