Saturday, July 11, 2009

Birthday cards and Flowers from Friends

Here are some lovely hand made cards I received from friends for my Birthday this month :)

The top middle card is from Amanda (I met Amanda online at Ready Set Scrap). Such a beautiful card with lace and flowers just love the colors :) Thanks so much!

The Balloon hearts card is from Elise from my work (Bunnings). Love Elise's cards because she always comes up with something different. Elise also gave me a lovely gift of a lilac colored scrapbook album and made me a small chocolate cheese cake. Thanks so much Elise!!

The brown card is from Ellen and Elke from work (The Garden Ladies!). Ellen made this card and I am so impressed, she is in my Stampin' UP! stamp club that meets once a month. She did such a great job for a newbie at card making :) Ellen and Elke also gave me some flowers, see pic below.

The "celebrate card" is from Lexie (whom I also met on the Ready, Set, Scrap site). I love the light blue and pink flowers, another beautiful card. I was lucky enough to meet Lexie at a get together earlier this year, she's such a sweetie!

The blue card is from Wendy G, whom I met through the site "Uproar 2 Scrapmore", this was a lovely surprise, thanks for thinking of me Wendy!

and thanks everyone for looking!

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