Wednesday, August 19, 2009

.............makes me feel like a Queen!

This is my entry for the August CC challenge #3 - England at Ready, Set, Scrap! The theme for the cyber Crop was Holiday Escape.

Tracey has packed her bag and is off to...

Here are the details of Tracey's Challenge:

Ok when I thought of England I had to start singing!!!
God save our gracious Queen, long live our noble Queen.....

You must scrap something that makes you feel like a QUEEN!
It only has to be something simple, so long as it makes you feel good.

You must also include:
  • Something Gold
  • Some Bling (every Queen has some bling!)
  • The Colour Pink
  • Your Journaling Must Become Part Of Your Title
  • The Word Queen Must Appear Somewhere On Your Item
This is my entry:

Journalling says:
'When my lovey gives me a foot massage, it makes me feel like a Queen' - my lovey is a pyhsiotherapist, so I often get a foot massage :)

I have covered all criteria:
something gold = gold crown
Some bling = centre of flowers
color pink = yes
Journaling is part of your title = yes
The word queen must appear on your item = yes

Thanks for the challenge Tracey, it was great to do something just a little bit different!

and a close up:

.... and here is Tracey's sample.


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  1. Love your entry Shazza! Love your interpretation