Sunday, September 4, 2011

Our Calisthenics Girl

Here is my entry for Jane Howdens challenge at Soul Scrappers.

Its All About Ribbon

If you are anything like me you will have roll upon roll of gorgeous ribbon nicely tucked away in your scrappy stash.  You will use them spasmodically, pulling them out for the occasional bow or small length but have you ever thought about utilising them more fully on a scrapbook page?  Well today is your chance!

Here are some creative ways in which to use ribbon.

Make your own background
Forget that patterned paper and use your ribbon stash to create the same effect.  Use it vertical or horizontal.

Make a word
Write your word first in pencil and then pull your ribbon into shape – anchor it with glue or stitch it in place (by machine or by hand).

Border it up
Use those stand out designs as borders around your page.  Make them thin, make them wide, fold them or pleat them.

It’s a tie
Add some texture to your page with ribbon tied in knots.  Combine your patterns for a fresh, vibrant look.

Shape it up
Fill in a shape with ribbon scraps – hearts look wonderful done like this.

Weave around
Go back to craft class and rekindle your love of weaving – over and under, over and under – you will soon have a unique element for your page.

Flower power
We all love flowers on our pages – well they are super easy to make with ribbon.  You’ll have that perfect embellishment in no time.

Your technique challenge is to create a page using one of the methods I have outlined above.  Remember now, no cheating … I don’t want to see just one small piece of ribbon on your layout – I want to see you using up that stash.

 Our Calistenics Girl

and here is a close up

I used ribbons as bows, line pointers and on the calistenics medal.
I loved this challenge Jane!!

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