Sunday, September 18, 2011

Britt's Last Days

Here is a layout I have put together in remembrance of  Britt Lapthorne who died in Dubrovnik three years ago. It is my littl tribute to her each September. One day I will give all the layouts I have made to her mum, Elke who is my work collegue and friend.

I took a lot of the information and these photos from WHO Weekly (Sept 26th 2011)

Britts Last Days
 The top photo shows her in Germany on July 27th 2008, in Lubeck North of Hamburg, in the country of her mothers (Elke) birthplace. The bottom photo shows her in Slovenia on Sept 6th 2008, on Lake Bled, 12 days before she disapeared.

 ......and a close up

R.I.P beautiful, gorgeous Britt.


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