Friday, September 23, 2011

Rio - Undies Dash for Cash

Here is Jennas take on the inspirational movie poster at FS2S this month.

You had to take your inspiration from the movie poster 'RIO'
For an extra 6 bonus points :)

1) One word title = 1 pt
2) Use Blue, Yellow and Red Cardstock = 2 pts
3) Add a Bird = 3 pts
 Jenna doesnt have a blog so I'm uploading here :) 

1) One word title = RIO (subtitle - undies dash for cash)
2) Use Blue, Yellow and Red Cardstock = yes
3) Add a Bird = blue seagull
This is what the journaling says....... How far are you willing to go to win $20,000?

Wearing nothing but RIO undies and socks 10 lucky winners raced on Sydneys Bondi Beach on Saturday 30th April in front of an audience of thousands for the chance to win.
and a close up...


  1. Hah, brilliant. Who thought that up? How fun! Great photos and layout.

  2. What a great page all these photos matted with the blue on the yellow background, & the red alpha making the RIO label with alphas too. Love your numerous photo style & lovely to see you playing along at FS2S again.

  3. Love your take on this - well done.

  4. Awesome LO Jenna! Love the design :)

  5. What a great idea! I would love to have been in that audience!!! Great that lingerie at top right!! :)

  6. Fun and cute layout! Lots of photos too - great grid design!

  7. Fun layout! Love how you incorporated so many pictures!

  8. Hhheeeee!! I love that you were able to use the 'Rio' poster and interpret it into a page about underwear!! Made me giggle!

  9. What a great fund raiser! lol. LOve the LO-great way to use up loads of photos that aren't great on their own but tell a fab story