Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The One That Got Away

Hi Ladies!!

Here is my entry for the 'Fishing Merit' Badge up for grabs at Dixie Pieces, hosted by Scrappisandi :)

This time its the 'Fishing' merit badge! To earn this create a LO featuring someone messing about on the water...it can be on beach at the waters edge, in a boat on the ocean or river, on a riverbank...anything that involves playing in or on a natural water source!!...& no it doesn't have to be fishing...but it could!!!!

You can join in all the challenges at 'Camp Dixie Pieces'

The One That Got Away
Journaling says....

Mum, Dad, Craig and Linda loved to get away
fishing at the Mitta Mitta as often as they could.

The Mitta Mitta is located in one of the most
scenic mountain areas in Victoria.

Fishing is a popular activity in the area, the rivers
and lakes are full of  rainbow and brown trout.

Here is Craig and Mum checking their dingy
before heading off to fish for the day.

I fashiond the old boot from clay and stuck a hook through the top whilst it was drying. Once dried I painted it brown and the sole black and added a small piece of fishing line.

The large fish was cut out from the 'Beach' bits and bobs kit from Magpie kit club.

Here are some close ups :)



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