Sunday, September 25, 2011

Penguin Parade

Here is my entry for Tabitha's Misting challenge at Soul Scrappers. Tabitha challenged us to make our own mists. 
Here is what she had to say.....For this month’s challenge I would like you to create your own mist. I have seen many “recipes” on the internet for making a mist, I am also posting a mix I made that gives a metallic shine, or  you may alter a current mist you have.  Feel free to share your tips and recipes with us in this thread!

I bought a bottle of alcohol, an empty toiletry bottle (I bought a squeeze top to easily refill spray bottle), and a bottle of metallic acrylic paint. 
I used 1/4 part paint to 3/4 parts alcohol for whatever container you use. It does not have to be an exact measurement.
(Any type of alcohol will work)
(this ratio has not clogged any of my nozzles)
Shake well before spraying!
For color I use all different things, I use alcohol ink, food coloring, re-inkers and just about anything containing color. I have gotten some very cool colors and fades trying different things. Wilton food coloring gives some very vibrant colors! In the photo below I poured alcohol through a blue marker filter and got a very pretty color that produced different shades when I sprayed it.
Total Cost Was $3.29 and I have made over 40 colors in mini mister bottles, with lots left over!

Penguin Parade 

ok...I'm not very good at this misting technique....cant you tell!!! lol 
I think with a lot more practise I will get it!!

I made my own mist by using 'Diggers' isopropyl alcohol. jo sonya's silver paint and a few drops of black smooch spritz.

This is the second time I have used mists , I wanted to mist a doley. I then cut up the doley and made a banner ...every parade needs a banner and also used a few pieces behind the penguin photo, I also misted the snow flakes.

Here is a close up...
Thanks Tabitha for this super challenge!!


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