Tuesday, January 13, 2009

4 Generations

This is one of my latest layouts. I found this photo when I was tidying up an old box of paperwork, so as not to misplace this photo again, I scrapped it straight away.
The photo was taken in 1984, we are visiting my nan in a nursing home as she was 80 years old. My Dad (Graeme) and my Nan (Annie) have both now passed away. I was 26, Dad was 45 and baby adam was only 5 weeks old.
I wish I was that thin again and amasingly I have the same basic hair cut (thats what happens when you have curly hair).
I really love this photo!

Here is a close up.



  1. Brilliant page I love these ones when there are all the generations together! Your nan looks lovely!

  2. Welcome to blog land Shazza....love your lay out and the photo is gorgeous. :)