Sunday, January 25, 2009

Take a pic Tuesday #1 and Scrap it Saturday #1 by Makeesha Byl

Makkesha Byl has started Take a pic Tuesday, this is where she will take a weekly photo of something random, or of the kids, or of an event…… something that happens in 2009, and she will post it on her blog on a Tuesday.

Then she will take that photo, scrap it, and show us on Scrap it Saturday……

I thought this was a great idea, so I decided I would attempt to also do this task every week, this way I will have a fabulous record of what went on this year.You can view Makeesha Bly's blog entry dated 24/01/2009 here.

This is the photo of Jenna I took on Tuesday. She came out of her bedroom wearing an eye patch and moustache. Not sure where she found the props maybe in an old show bag or left overs from a fancy dress party..... who knows! Anyway, I snapped a few photos and this is the photo I used.

This is my 12"x12" layout. I titled this "Just kidding around". The caption reads Aargh! Shiver me timbers! Only a face a mother could love! of course we are both just "Kidding around" :) This layout is not my usual style but I thought I would try something different. Have a look below.

and the usual close up... Sorry, the close up is not a great pic, I took it at night and there is a bit of a yellowy tinge to the photo!

Thanks for looking... me hearty's!



  1. That photo is hilarious! i love the page you have done with it! I am going to try and join you on this challenge now I am getting a bit more organised! I will take a pic on Tuesday and see what happens from there!

  2. Love this page Shazza!

    I managed to complete a page today too. I hope that I can continue.