Saturday, January 10, 2009

Down on the Farm

I went to my first 'crop night' for 2009 at Flutterbuys located at 653 High Street, Preston. I managed to get three layouts completed so I am very happy. This means I have now completed 13 layouts for the year. Woo Hoo!

These layouts feature two of my three kids, Jarred and Jenna when they were littlies (Jarred is now 22 and Jenna is 20yrs). The pics were taken at a Playgroup excursion to "Uncle Bob's Farm" in 1991. Jarred was five years and Jenna was two. I remember they had such a great time feeding the baby farm animals

Here is a close up of Jarred.

Here is another layout of Jarred. I based my layout on the one posted by Jayne Mercer {Me} on her blog page"Friday Scrapbook challenge" dated 02/01/2009. You can find her blog here.

Jarred's close up "Down on the Farm".

Jenna got quite a surprise when the goat snatched the gum leaves out of her hands. You can tell by the expression on her face! Funny! It's a wonder the goat didn't snatch her dummy as well!

Jenna's close up.

Next I will be working on a challenge by Makeesha Byl.


  1. Thanks for taking up the challenge. Love your layouts.

  2. Great Layouts. Your kids were so cute! I have some on the farm pics! I need to get them scanned so I can start scrapping them!