Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Australia Day at Bunnings

Thought I would show a few pics from Australia Day at work (Bunnings). It was the first time in about twenty years that I was rostered to work on this public holiday , it actually felt really weird........ and even more so when I turned up for work at 6.45 am and the store car park was deserted. Apparently we open at 8am on a public holiday.... would have been nice to know :) The first pic is our store at 6.45 am, quiet as.....

Below:Me {Shazza}, Bella and Narelle

Below: Deb, Kate, Ashleigh and Marlene

Below: Stephen clowning around outside in the Nursery :)

Thanks for looking



  1. Hey Shaz great pics and the page is looking great! xxx Lena

  2. Hope you had a great Australia day even though you had to work! I was going to do the tuesday photo and scrap by saturday but I forgot my camera and what did I see? A car driving aroung covered in plastic grass! It was so funny and I was gutted that I had forgotten to take my camera out with me! I will try it next week or I might cheat and take one today!
    Take care