Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kookaburra Shoe Shine Box

Every couple of months I will post some pics of things that I have painted or crafted at home, with some info about the projects.

I came across this "Kookaburra Shoe Shine Box" in a painting magazine called "Folk Art & Decorative Painting Yearbook", Vol 6 #3. It was painted by a talented folk art painter called Pam Taylor. She designed the shoe box for a friend to give to her man, to store his boot polishes and brushes in. She did a lot of research into old Australian adverts and together with her collection of tins put this together. It's a little bit of Australian history to remember.

As soon as I saw it I just had to paint one. I looked everywhere to firstly find the box, and came across one in an second hand store that had been quite knocked around, was dirty splattered with paint and had rubber (Where you place your shoes) that was worn and hanging off. I remember my mum saying "What in carnation are you going to do with that dirty thing". I told her I had a plan for it! Well I removed the rubber and gave it a scrub, I traced the elements on to the sides and got cracking base coating it and with some help from my painting teacher Monica.... the following is the end result! The only change I made to the project, was the Kookaburra on the front, I found a postcard at the post office with a chunkier Kookaburra, so I copied that one instead.

Close up of painting detail

The other side

Close up of painting detail

The Front

The Back

The kookaburra post card.

What do you think?

Thanks for looking!



  1. Wow!
    Aren't you clever!
    Your painting is fantastic. Well done!
    It looks beautiful.

  2. I have just found this on the web. I am Pam Taylor, the artist who designed the shoeshine box. How wonderful to see you write about how you went about painting YOUR shoeshine box in your blog. The original box I painted for the magazine "Folk & Decorative Painting Year Book" which was published many years ago, was purchased by the company who now owns Kiwi/Nugget products, it is now in their museum in Victoria. They saw my article in the magazine and approached me to purchase it. I really enjoyed researching the old shoe polishes, the old posters and lettering prior to designing the box, which I had made from the old original shoeshine boxes. Kind regards, Pam.