Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Megan and Mr Gobble

I just finished another Christmas Layout. This pic was taken after Christmas 2007 but I have only just got around to completing the scrap page. This is Megan my Niece (3yrs old) holding Mr Gobble. Mr Gobble was the Christmas gifts I made for my mum, two sisters and sister-in-law in 2007.

I based my layout on the one posted by Jayne Mercer {Me} on her blog page"Friday Scrapbook challenge" dated 02/01/2009. You can find her blog here.

This is a close up of Megan and Mr Gobble. Megan is actually quite happy in this pic and not about to cry! She tends to squint her eyes when she smiles. She just loved her Mr Gobble :)

Mr Gobble is a brown "stuffed" turkey who leaves home determined to escape his fate of ending up on the Christmas dinner table! He has a colourful patchwork plumage and a suitcase packed for his escape, he even has the traditional "leather" boots worn by the turkeys of Victorian London. He is heading off on a holiday until the family have finished eating! I got the pattern for Mr Gobble from "Australian Homespun" No. 38 (Vol 7.6) Christmas in July Special. He was created by Goldie Konsak of Strictly Goldie.

Here are the four turkeys with suitcases waiting for my family to take them home and perch them on their dining room table or sideoard for Christmas. This pattern could even be used and/or altered for a Thanksgiving Mr Gobble.

I finally finished one for myself this year and he looked great sitting up on my bakers hutch :)
What do you think of Mr Gobble, isn't he cute?

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