Thursday, January 8, 2009

Astro and Kimba

My new blog would not be complete if I didn't show some pics of our beautiful cats, Astro and Kimba. Astro is a purebred British "Blue" Shorthair. He was born on the 5th March 2005 in Maffra, Victoria. He is from the "HiStyle" cattery, who are multi award winning British Shorthair breeders.
My Astro layout was the first ever layout I attempted back in January 2008!

Astro was named after "Astroboy" the famous Osamu Tezuka Japanese-anime character, who is famous for being "Brave, gentle and wise". Other nicknames "wombat", "koala and "fat cat"!
Here is a close up of him.

Kimba is a purebred "Snow Spotted Bengal," a rare derivative of the Bengal breed, who are famously descended from the union between a domestic cat and the Prionailurus Bengalensis, a small Asian mountain leopard. Kimba was born on the 20th Octoer 2005, at the "Bengadale" cattery in Launceston, Tasmania.

Kimba was named after "Kimba - The White Lion", another famous Osamu Tezuka Japanese anime character. Other nicknames "Kimba-tron" (due to his robotic stares!), "baby leopard" and "baby lion"! Here is a close up of Kimba.

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  1. Hi Shazza,
    Great layouts and gorgeous cats! Unfortunately my oldest, Gemma is highly allergic to cats so I can't have one of my own. Yours are so cute!
    I finally caught up with my comments on Soulology. wow some of those pages had me crying like a big baby! especially jens 9/11 page what an amazing page and what an awful thing to have to go through!
    How are you? The blog seems to be going great and you have got the hang of it quickly. I have been having a bit of trouble connecting to your site! If i add it to my blog list it keeps sending me to Erika's blog so I have had to put you in a section on your own!
    Hope to chat soon,
    Take care