Thursday, June 25, 2009

Drama Queen Jewellery Box

This is my take on one of the cyber crop challenges at Scrapbooking Top50, the theme for June was Tiaras and Crowns.

From scrappygurl (Vic):
For this challenge Tracy (My2angels) and I want you to take your fabulous scrapping skills and put them to use to create something cool for your Drama King or Queen!!!

Show them how much you appreciate them being such a vibrant and entertaining part of your life.

This must be an OTP Project but exactly what is entirely up to your creative energy. This is Tracy's Project, isn't it goregous!

Here is my entry:

This challenge gave me a chance to finish painting a Folk Art piece that I had half finished sometime ago.

It is painted in Jo Sonya paint to look as if the box is overflowing in that much Jewellery that it is all hanging over the sides. The lace hanky on the front is painted in a wash of Titanium white and the folds added, to make it look delicate and soft.

The chains, bracelets and heart pendant are painted in Rich gold, Pale gold and black. The highlights are painted with Titanium White to give a bling look.

I added mauve flowers and mulberry leaves (I had run out of Flourish bling... damm it!), large flower rhinestones and "Claudia Elyse" buttons to the lid.

It looks a bit "over the top' but that's how I imagine a Drama Queens Jewellery Box would look like.
and a cfew close ups to see the detail:


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  1. Hey Shaz I could use this gorgeous box for Aprils coffin Box?????just put a pic on it with APRIL..April was a drama queen!!! Lol Its delightfull... lilsis